Thoughts on Events the Week of September 18

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The un-UN: President Donald Trump went to the UN General Assembly meeting and spewed petulant nonsense. Surely, there has been no bigger fool on the world stage since Yasser Arafat.

Ponzi Don squandered his opportunity to lead the UN – an organization dearly in need of reform – in a better direction. Instead, he called out a number of nations, most particularly North Korea and Iran, and showered them with foolish, empty threats, which is not an ideal negotiating strategy.

Each of these adversaries responded in their own way, which made them seem in much better command of their situations than our blustering, bloviating president.

Ponzi threatened to destroy North Korea, which is not only nonsense, but disconcerting to our close allies in the region. Then, he intimated that he might withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, the most important, unprecedented agreement since the Soviet arms limitation treaties of that era.

If Ponzi were to do tear up the deal, which he won’t, the U.S. would be isolating itself further into the international wilderness. It is not the Iran agreement, but Ponzi Don who is an embarrassment to the United States.

So much for bipartisan agreements: No sooner had Ponzi Don made a deal with Democrats and had moved closer to another on Dreamers, than he joined the chorus of Republican (only) legislators in their latest, smarmy attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare with a sack of bull shit and call it cream puffs. Perhaps he realizes replace is the only way to steal enough money from the poor and middle classes to give a tax cut to the rich.

The recent attempts to replace and Repeal Obamacare differ from the 60 or so attempts before Republicans took control of the Congress and the presidency, in that the post-election variety have specific points, all of them hugely unpopular with everyone but the rich donors who are the only ones to benefit from this legislation via tax cuts on their wealth.

Republicans have this skunk by the tail, which is spraying them directly in the face, yet they are determined not to let go. Perhaps if this latest attempt fails, Republicans will throw and their hands and engage in work to improve Obamacare, and get used to the idea of working with Democrats again, and vice versa. But I’m not optimistic. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said man clings to nothing so tightly as a bad deal. Repeal and replace is a model example.

Iran: If Ponzi Don’s presidency has a theme at all, it is to erase anything that has President Obama’s name on it, which jerks off his bigoted base. Many good ideas have met this fate, and more are endangered, including at present, the Iran nuclear deal.

Since World War II, nations have tried to limit proliferation of nuclear weapons. Few have made any progress, yet President Obama succeeded in persuading Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program in exchange for relief from sanctions, and win-win if ever there was one. This, as Vice President Biden might say, is a big f#$%&@ deal, and Ponzi Don wants to screw with it.

Football, et al: Ponzi Don insinuated himself vulgarly and stupidly into the news of professional sports players (mostly, but not only blacks) kneeling during the National Anthem in protest against treatment of blacks by police, and society in general. In doing this, Ponzi displayed gross ignorance of:

  1. The First Amendment, the most important paragraph in the English language, which protects speech. This shouldn’t surprise us. Ponzi doesn’t know, or care, about our Constitution, which he has sworn to preserve and protect.
  2. His base are big professional sports fans. (Many of them have an unhealthy identification with their teams. Wife beatings spike when fans’ football teams lose, having little else in their lives to enjoy.) They may love Ponzi, but not as much as they love their teams.
  3. Players are much more popular and influential than Ponzi, and are rich enough not to care a fig what he says or does. These players are not Kim Jung Un, but national sports heroes.
  4. Owners may support, and even donate to Ponzi, but whose investments depend on their players and fans. They’re not about to offend either one by going along with Ponzi on this.

Did I mention Ponzi Don is a bigot?

No college team can get sky high up for every game in what has become a season of at least 11 games. “Every fair from fair sometimes declines,” and so it was with my Oklahoma Sooners Saturday, who beat Baylor with a lackluster effort – 49 to 41. (Am I a Chinaman or what? I just called 49 points a lackluster performance. Well, it was.)

Baylor was easy not to take seriously; they were 0-3, and looked bad getting there. But Baylor played lights out against the Sooners and gave OU a hell of a fight. I was impressed by some of their players.

It will be interesting to see if they collapse after their hard fault but ultimately unsuccessful effort, or if they will continue to improve over the season. If the latter, they will win some conference games.

The Dallas Cowboy don’t play until Monday night, right down the road in Phoenix against the Arizona Cardinals, so I have no thoughts about the game until next Sunday’s blog.

Sudden Thought: I looked out the window during the Autumnal Equinox, and the world was still there. I was not surprised nor disappointed.

Status of the States: I can’t think of anything any of the worst states did that stands out from the rest, so it’s a tie.

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