Thoughts on Events the Week of November 6

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 19, 2017

Elections: The Sleeping Beauties and the dumb blondes finally awoke and turned out for an election, and it bespoke good news for Democrats. In 2016, 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump. In this election, women began asking themselves what were they thinking?

This was particularly evident in Virginia, where Democrats won all the way down the ticket, in large measure due to turnout of suburban women. Candidates, a majority of them women, ousted pasty white guys from the legislature who had demeaned them during the last election cycle. What a difference a year makes.

The most important, practical implications of Tuesday’s elections are these: Trump’s base of old, uneducated, rural pasty white guys still holds, but they are alone in their loyalty. The election of Trump and the actions of the Republican-controlled legislature has really pissed women off to the point of action. It’s long, long overdue.

Finally, I expect Republican “tax reform” is dead. I doubt a bill will even get to the floor of either chamber. First, it is a screwing and voters won’t stand for it. Second, every Republican legislator in any even remotely competitive state or district, will be loath to continue to vote the way he has been up to now, seeing where it got his Republican colleagues Tuesday.

Guns: I know, I know, I swore not to write again about gun murder until I had something positive upon which to comment, but this loathsome asshole in Texas who murdered 26 innocent church goers with an assault weapon demands comment and condemnation.

How did this sick twist ever get his hands on a pop gun, let alone an AR-47? No rational human being not in the business of selling guns should want to see this happen.

Unlike other gun control advocates who say they don’t want to interfere with your Second Amendment rights, I say fuck your Second Amendment rights, as you interpret them. I want to see the number of guns in America reduced by 95% at a minimum. We have five percent of the world’s population and almost 50% of the worlds privately owned guns. Do the math.

Gun advocates say the answer to our gun violence is more guns with which to protect ourselves, which is insane. Every gun we add increases the probability of gun violence, not reduce it. This is obvious on its face. We have all the guns and we have all the gun violence.

Gun advocates say if we take away their guns only criminals will have guns, but that’s not true. If we take away privately owned guns, some hardened criminals will have guns, but so will the police.

However, as a compromise, I would be willing to live with just taking away assault weapons and instituting background checks, but both must be robust. Background checks must include gun shows and private gun sales. It must be properly managed, not the leaky sieve that let the Texas monster get his hands on one because the Army discharged him for bad conduct and forgot to tell anyone else he was crazy and dangerous, not to mention a violent felon. Jesus!

Football: While other top 10 teams were being upset (including the chronically overrated Notre Dame, who if it never wins another game will be too soon for me, and Georgia, who I thought the committee raised to the #1 spot a little prematurely), the Oklahoma Sooners left TCU for dead in the first half – 38-14 – and spent the second half practicing their running game and giving backups some practice.

I wasn’t completely sanguine with this second half decision. Teams need to learn first that when a team is down is the time to step on their neck. To do otherwise can throw you off rhythm and give the other team hope simultaneously.

But, hey, they proved to everyone, most especially the committee, that they can score at will on anybody, and to the Heisman committee who should get the trophy.

Status of the States: Alabama gets the cup, because: Roy Moore. Need I say more?


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