Thoughts on Events the week of November 20

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Roy Moore and the religious right: Evangelicals in Alabama have rallied around Roy Moore in response to accusations of sexual assault of a minor and other age-inappropriate young women by the Republican senatorial candidate, in ways that brought shame to themselves, exposed the hypocrisy of their extreme religion(s) and embarrassment to their hidebound state.

What warped and twisted morality! Is it Christian to say you prefer a pedophile to a Democrat for Senator? Is it even sane to compare Moore’s behavior to that of Mary and Joseph?

Perhaps the political power and influence the religious right has gained is a test by God to see if they are truly believers, which the religious right is failing egregiously. Just kidding. I don’t believe in any of that stuff. But I do believe these people have slipped their ethical moorings completely, if indeed they even had any.

Frankly, this is pretty much what I have come to expect from the religious right for some time, at least back to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and that loopy lot.

Sudden Thought: What in the hell was Argentina doing with a submarine anyway?

Football: On Thanksgiving Day, my Dallas Cowboys were the turkeys, losing ugly to the Los Angeles Chargers, 28 to six. This time, Dallas didn’t play hard or well even in the first half. They just quit. I doubt they’ll win another game. When will the Jones boys admit that their head coach is never going to win them anything and move on?

Oklahoma Sooners’ head coach Lincoln Riley double punished quarterback Baker Mayfield for his antics the previous week against Kansas. He took away Mayfield’s captaincy for his final home game at Norman and didn’t let him start the first offensive series. This punishment was overwrought in my view.

First, it put the entire spotlight on Mayfield, and left the Jayhawk’s behavior completely off the hook. Note: the four Kansas Captains who would not shake hands with Mayfield at the coin toss lost their captaincies for their last home game also (though they received no on- field punishment) and you don’t hear a thing about them. For the record, these bad sports are: Dorance Armstrong, Daniel Wise, Joe Dineen and Jeremiah Booker. Hasan Defense, the defensive back who gave Mayfield the cheap shot did not lose any playing time.

The University of Kansas athletic department, to its credit, apologized to Oklahoma, but you didn’t hear anything about that either.

Second, I do not believe in punishing the whole team and potentially risking its opportunities, for the misbehavior of one player, which Riley did by keeping the starting quarterback out of the game for a series. Losing the captaincy affected Mayfield alone and was punishment enough.

In the event, it didn’t matter. Tyler Murray was in for Mayfield for the first series, and led OU to a touchdown in two plays. (Murray will most likely succeed Mayfield as the starting quarterback next season.)

The punishment did seem to motivate Mayfield and the rest of the team. They pounded West Virginia into the dirt, 59-31, but the beat down was much worse than the score. OU left the Mountaineers for dead in the first half, 45-10 and rested their starters for most of the second half. Riley even had the team take a knee at the opponents’ three yard line for the last minute and a quarter of the game, when they might have scored again.

Oklahoma will now play TCU, again, for the Big XII Championship. If we win, the Sooners will undoubtedly be in the four team playoff for the National Championship.

But it is difficult to beat a team twice in one season, harder to get up for an opponent the second time when you have already beaten them before.  You can see that in the Las Vegas odds. OU beat TCU by 18 points in the first game and they are only favored by seven for the upcoming one. This awkward Big XII playoff game is more evidence the League has no long-term future, and it will be unfortunate if OU misses the playoffs because of it.

Status of the States: Alabama gets the cup, because: Roy Moore, and his fundamentalist followers.


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