Thoughts on Events the Week of December 4

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Inappropriate Sexual Behavior: In perhaps record time, Congress has shifted from the sublime to the ridiculous, from abhorring the possible election of a sexual pervert, to rejecting anyone who has so much as kissed a girl, but Republicans still supporting the pervert. What hypocrisy.

In my view, Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), a usually sober and industrious Senator, made a fool of herself when she said we must draw a line, and any behavior on the other side of it must be treated equally. I’m sorry, Senator Gillibrand, but that’s a long way from justice. Just for starters, putting moves on a grown woman and putting moves on a 14 year old girl are not the same thing.

Things are in a confusing state of flux on this issue, obviously, but we already know that Congress is utterly incapable of judging its own members. It’s all political calculations with them. Perhaps we should just leave justice to the voters of individual states (state’s rights advocates should love this), and the law.

So, if Alabama votes Roy Moore into the Senate, they get the senator they want, and therefore deserve. Likewise, if the voters of the good state of Minnesota think Senator Franken has crossed a line rendering him unworthy of being their senator, they can recall him or vote him out at the next regular election, and not let his fate be decided by New York Senator Gillibrand.

Sudden thought: Perhaps overwrought sexual frenzy is moving us closer to a Parliamentary form of government without our noticing (Britain loves a good political sex scandal as much as we do). I suspect President Trump would be thrown out of office in a heartbeat today if it were possible.

Jobs and Tax Overhaul: The government reported that 228,000 jobs were created in November, more than economists expected. The unemployment rate remains at 4.1%, meaning that people are returning to the workforce and finding jobs. Wages increased 2.8% over the last year, which is not great yet, but it is not stagnant either. It is enough that the Federal Reserve is signaling that it plans to raise interest rates over at least the next two meetings.

So, why? Why do we need, or why would we even want, a tax cut now? How many jobs could it possibly create? What could it stimulate except inflation? What’s the point of risking higher inflation when the Fed has already signaled it will take action to force it down? The tax cut and the Fed will be working at cross purposes.

The answer to these questions, of course, it that the bill being debated in Congress at present isn’t a tax cut bill at all. It is a scam to pay off rich donors, or bribe to recruit more, regardless of what damage it does to our economy and our citizens. This bill should be dropped like a hot potato right now.

Football: Technically, this happened the last day of the week before, but the four college football teams were selected and my beloved Oklahoma Sooners were one of them. In fact, OU rose to #2 in the national rankings. The final four are: Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama, in that order.

Based on the final week of play (Army-Navy doesn’t really count), I expected Ohio State to be the fourth team in, given that they beat an undefeated Wisconsin team and thereby won the Big Ten Championship. They the committee felt that Alabama, despite not even making the SEC Championship game, was judgmentally the better team.

There will always be some level of disagreement with the final four playoff list. If we have four teams, the fifth will be disappointed. If we had eight teams, it will be the ninth, and so on and so on.

That’s one nice thing, among many, about the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Lots of teams get to play for it, and no one can complain about the winner being the champion. As a practical matter, I’m confident that after the football playoffs end, no one will complain that the winner is the national champion either. And, it could be Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner!

Baker Mayfield: The OU quarterback has earned his own bold type heading, having won the Player of the Year Award, The Maxwell Award, the Davey O’Brien Award, the Walter Camp Award and the Heisman Trophy. I’m beginning to think there may be a conspiracy to load Baker down with so much hardware that he gets a hernia and has to miss the game. But he can handle it.

Since there was only one game of importance to me this weekend – The Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 30-10 – I had more time to think about it. Here are my takeaways:

Skip Bayless is absolutely right that Sean Lee is the heart and the glue of the Dallas Defense. He was back after missing four games with an injury, and you never saw someone so happy to be back on the field or a defense to have him back. He was on the Giants like a duck on a June bug. He made tackles, broke up passes and had an interception.

Dallas’ next game is against Oakland Sunday night, which will also be the last game of Zeke Elliot’s suspension. The Cowboys should have an appreciation ceremony at midfield for Alfred Morris for filling in admirably in Elliot’s absence. Morris, certainly no slouch of a running back himself, held the position together. Without him, things could have been a lot uglier.

Dak Prescott threw for 332 yards and three touchdowns, which shows you can still perform (and learn) during a sophomore slump. In fact, I submit that quarterbacks learn a lot their second year. They have a year of experience, so they see things from a more informed perspective. They learn more from their mistakes because they are in a position to analyze them more intelligently. I predict Dak, who already does so much so well, will have an extraordinary year three.

One thing Dak seemed to figure out in the fourth quarter against New York is, when the game is on the line, put the ball in the hands of your play makers. Dak got game winning, back breaking plays from Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley and Jason Witten. They were all heavily defended all game, but Dak kept giving them throws and each player eventually paid off for him, as such players do.

Finally, it must be credited to the coaching staff that their radical, risky decision turn over the entire defensive backfield is beginning to pay off handsomely. These new kids on the back are talented, aggressive and learning fast. We should accept that we may see a sophomore slump from some of them next year, but before too long, they are going to be as formidable as our offensive line, and as our defensive line is beginning to be. How ‘bout them Cowboys?!

Status of the States: Alabama, because, well, if you don’t know, I won’t be able to explain it to you.

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