Thoughts on Events the Week of January 1, 2018

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Auld Lang Syne: We must infer that President Trump made no New Year’s resolutions, because, with one change worth mentioning, he began the New Year just like he ended the previous one. In fact, it seemed more like Ground Hog’s Day than New Year’s Day.

Day one began with vulgar tweets, gratuitous insults, obvious lies, foreign policy malfeasance, shiny object distractions about Hillary Clinton and, of course, another childish dick measuring contest with North Korea.

Meanwhile, South Korea called North Korea and said let’s talk. Trump bragged that his tough talk is what provoked this call (note: from our ally to our adversary and not the other way around), and in a way this is true. Both sides have now concluded that Trump is worthless, if not dangerous, and have decided to move on without us. The results could end up being an unpleasant surprise.

The new wrinkle regards Pakistan, and to my utter amazement, I agree with Trump’s cutting off aid to Pakistan, because they are double dealing with us over Afghanistan.

To remind everyone: we don’t give foreign aid to countries in the Middle East. We make foreign purchases. We pay them for things:  fly-over access, land for bases, etc. But we do not get our money’s worth in Pakistan and never have. We should cut them off.

Basically, Pakistan is just another pile of rocks beside the pile of rocks that is Afghanistan, only with nukes. You can’t really tell where one ends and the other begins. In this, Pakistan is like North Korea; a nuclear-armed wasteland, otherwise unworthy of attention. We have lived with Pakistan for a long time. We will do the same with North Korea…unless it unites with South Korea and allies with China.

Perhaps one day, Trump will realize that the waste of money on Pakistan is true for the entire region, and the less we are involved, financially and militarily, the better.

The foreign policy malfeasance occurred when Trump piled on Iran’s government, siding with the protesters there. If ever there was a time to lie low, say nothing and let the situation play out, this was it. Trump’s interference only gives the mullahs the excuse to blame “outside influences,” for the protests and crack down on them. In fact, Trump’s involvement gives the mullahs more than an excuse of outside influences. It gives them the fact of it. What a fool our president be.

Football: My New Year’s Day was a dud, because my beloved Oklahoma Sooners lost its Championship Playoff game against Georgia 54 to 48.

Oklahoma dominated the first half. The Bulldogs made adjustments at half time, in tactics or spirit or both, and took over the game. They dominated Oklahoma in the third quarter, tied it in the fourth and beat us in two overtimes.

It was a painful loss, but an exciting game. I am absolutely confident that the four best teams made it to the Playoffs this year. The country thinks so too. There was almost no bitching about the choices. More indicative: TV ratings were up 26% over last year for the two playoff games.

My final take: When a team scores 48 points against a running team, it should win the goddamn football game. OU led the game in every offensive category. But the defense gave up touchdowns on runs of 75, 50, 38 and 27 yards, among others. This is unacceptable defense. It has been unacceptable all year, and it cost us in the end. Changes must be made.

The NFL’s regular season ended this week. As usual, a number of coaches were fired and are available, almost all of whom are better than the current Cowboy’s coach. I’m just sayin’. If Bill Belichick walks away from the Patriots, he will be able to write his own ticket anywhere, but he is way too smart ever to agree to work for Jerry Jones.

Status of the States: South Carolina wins the cup this week, due, as it often is, to the antics of their erratic but always hawkish Senator Lindsay Graham (R). He, along with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a downright sleazy one, collaborated on a smarmy scheme to create a distraction for Trump, by asking the DOJ to investigate the British former spy who prepared the dossier involved in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation; a classic case of smearing the messenger to divert attention from the message.

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