First Lady Melania Trump

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on February 3, 2018

There was a piece in last Sunday’s New York Times about Mrs. Melania Trump, praising her quiet radicalism. It was written by a woman who has studied First Ladies and knows a lot about them. I think this particular piece, however is off the mark. Here’s my take:

Mrs. Trump loathes and despises her husband even more than I do, because I don’t have to sleep with him. She married him for money, escape or both, and now she is waiting, more or less impatiently, for him to die. Since his candidacy and presidency have driven them both into the public eye, where Trump’s flaws are humiliatingly visible for everyone to see, and she must obscure her dislike for him publicly as best she can, I suspect her impatience is growing. (Have another cheeseburger and more fries, Donald.)

I infer that their prenuptial agreement excuses infidelities – at least his – or she would have been out of there long ago, and certainly immediately after Trump’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels hit the tabloids, this story being the first of which I am aware that mentions their then infant son Barron. Mrs. Trump is very protective of him. She can’t have liked that at all.

Barring that “prenup,” she would otherwise be in the Trump Tower apartment changing the locks and the nameplate on the door, and our president would be in the White House, where he should be, or at one of his golf clubs, running up our travel expense account.

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