Thoughts on Events the Week of February 5

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on February 16, 2018

The Democratic Memo: The Democrats on the completely compromised House Intelligence Committee chaired by the completely discredited Devin Nunes (R-CA, and pig in shit’s clothing), wrote their own memo to refute Nunes’ earlier, already completely discredited memo. President Trump refused to permit the release of the Democrats’ clarifying memo almost as fast as the allowed the Nunes memo to be released, which is even before he saw it.

The Democrats are now trying to get their memo released. This is a serious tactical mistake, not unlike many tactical mistakes they have made recently. With a nod to Paul McCartney, they should let it be:

1. The Nunes memo is already discredited. They don’t need to do any more to discredit it.
2. Nothing in the Democrat’s memo, no matter how factual or accurate, could dissuade Trump voters.
3. As it stands, all but Trump voters think the Nunes memo is political horseshit, and that Trump is deliberately suppressing the Democrat’s memo for fear and partisan political spite. Ken Roman said “when it goes without saying, go without saying it.” Let Republicans stew in it without comment.

The Tesla Rocket: Elon Musk shot a rocket into space via his company SpaceX. It was the first successful, really big rocket launch by a private company.

The most amazing thing about this launch is that the rocket booster rockets returned to earth and landed softly and vertically onto targeted pads. I haven’t seen anything remotely like that except in improbable science fiction movies. It was jaw dropping.

I still don’t see a successful business model in what Musk is doing with his rocket, unlike his cars, other than to launch really rich people into space for a very hefty price. (I hope he succeeds, because space travel is still risky business, and eventually a rocket will fail and take out a lot of spoiled, unworthy people.) I suppose his vision involves long range plans to extract and return minerals from extraterrestrial sources for hefty government payments.

Or, it could be just for intellectual curiosity and excitement. This guy thinks far and deep. Bravo, Mr. Lusk.

Olympic Calamity: Did you see Vice President Pence at the Olympics, staring straight ahead, stone faced and uncomfortable, with Kim Yo Jong, North Korea’s representative to the Olympics (the exact title as Pence for the U.S.) sitting right behind him. Pence made Richard Nixon look positively laid back in his own skin. What a putz.

Pence didn’t even acknowledge Kim, let alone introduce himself and shake her hand. Diplomacy Trump Administration style. South Korean President Moon Jae-In sure shook hands with Kim, another indication that the world is moving on without us.

Status of the States: Watching snatches of the Winter Olympics, I was reminded that all of the worst states stink on ice, so they may all share the cup this week.

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