Thoughts on Events the Week of February 12

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on February 19, 2018

The Magic Number is 48: That’s how many people went to jail for the Watergate related crimes against our democracy. It remains to be seen if the Russian crimes will exceed that number of crooks, but the count seems certain to increase significantly from the two who have already confessed.

It seems unlikely, though not impossible, that the 13 Russian citizens indicted by the Special Counsel’s grand jury this week will ever be tried. I don’t see them visiting America any time soon. I don’t think that American guy in California we indicted is going to avoid prosecution, though.

I’m not sure what messages the DOJ was sending with the Russian indictments, or to whom, but I think one result will be to loose the dogs in various agencies to defend the security of our upcoming elections aggressively, no matter what Trump wants.

Or maybe the Magic Number is Two: That’s the number of women (so far) who have claimed, persuasively, to have had affairs with Trump, in each of these cases, fairly early in Trump’s marriage, and shortly after Mrs. Trump gave birth to her son. I’m curious just how many of these public humiliations Mrs. Trump is willing to put up with. Standing by your man is one thing, but, Damn!

Disclaimer repeat: I don’t really care who Trump screws or pees on or vice versa or whatever he enjoys, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his job.  It’s his business and none of my own. Women he assaults, however, is another matter entirely.

Status of the States: Oklahoma gets the worst state cup this week, because of favorite son Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma Attorney General and current head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and sworn enemy of the environment. (Pruitt was actually born in Kentucky, which explains a lot, but Oklahoma nurtured him into what he has become, which is not much.)

The reason we recognize Pruitt today is that has canceled a “business trip” to Israel because he can’t fly there first class. This begs the question how important could this trip really have been? And if it was important, why didn’t he suck it up and go?

Pruitt has caused a stink by flying first class everywhere and running up $90,000* in travel expenses in a short time. Pruitt’s excuse for flying first is tone deaf and lame, also. He says when he flies coach with ordinary citizens, he hears complaints about his policies from some of them, which he finds “unpleasant.”

So, the EPA Administrator addresses complaints about his policies by flying first class to escape criticism. It hasn’t even occurred to him, apparently, that perhaps he should rethink some of his policies. What a putz! Pruitt fits comfortably into the Trump Administration in every corrupt and incompetent way.

*To be fair to Pruitt, Trump probably spends that much or more every night he spends away from the White House at a Trump property.

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