Thoughts on Events the Week of March 5

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Talks with North Korea: South Korea is trying to arrange a playdate between President Trump and North Korea leader Kim. Generally, I’m with Stephen Hopkins on this, who said, “Nothing is so scary it can’t be talked about.” But this is really serious stuff, and people smarter and with a lot more experience in these matters than I, say this is not the way to go about it.

Besides, with deference to Mr. Hopkins, it’s not just what is being talked about, but also who is doing the talking. Trump is the last person I would send on such a mission. Dennis Rodman is too tough an act for Trump to follow. I can see Trump preparing for this meeting:

Trump: “Where is North Korea, again?”

Aid: “It’s the northern of the two countries on the Korean Peninsula, Mr. President.”

Trump: “What’s a peninsula?”

Aid: “It’s not important, Mr. President. We’ll be meeting at a neutral site, anyway.”

Trump: “Do they have geisha girls there?”

Aid: “No, Mr. President. That’s Japan.”

Trump: “Can we meet in Japan?”

Apparently, the way these things go is, deputies and experts meet first, and if things progress, it works up ultimately to a meeting between the top dogs. No negotiations with North Korea have ever gotten that far, because the way things go with them is, they make promises, get promises in exchange, then renege.

Leading off with a meeting with Trump is far too great a prize to give away to Kim on a first date (though the idea evokes pleasant memories of a first date I had once who asked, “Would you like desert before dinner?” But I digress.)

No, Trump’s meeting with Kim as a first step would be as stupid as, say, moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with nothing in return from Israel. Oh, wait. Trump has done exactly that.

We can’t let Trump near North Korea! He’s dumb enough to believe that he can talk North Korea into giving up its nuclear arsenal. Please, don’t tell him where the Korean Peninsula is.

Seriously, this meeting is South Korean President Moon’s wish as much as it is Kim’s. Let South Korea do the spade work, say a mountain or two of it, and then get back to us with something more substantive than that Kim said the word “denuclearization.” That’s middle school gossip, not negotiation.

Trump’s Stormy Forecast: I think we may be underestimating this Stormy Daniels. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders for business (in addition to other impressive body parts), which informs her outing the Donald.

Stormy has Trump in a compromising position, so to speak, that Vladimir Putin must envy. She is, to quote a close friend about Melanie Griffith’s character in Something Wild, “Every man’s dream; every man’s nightmare.”

I hope to watch one of her movies. In fact, I already have. You may have, too. She appeared in “Knocked Up,” a stoner movie with Seth Rogan, which I  loved, and, according to the website “Ranker,” whatever that is, she appeared in “The 40 year old Virgin,” the only Steve Carrel movie I did not (though I did not see her name(s) in the credits).

Of course, Stormy’s forté is Porn, and she is a genuine pornographic super star. She has won every award and recognition possible in that industry. She acts and directs.

Stormy stands to make a whole lot of money off the Trump zipper saga. You can be damn sure her movie rentals and sales are skyrocketing. (I wonder how many evangelicals are watching them.) I expect she has an offer of much, much more than $130,000 for her story. What would some people pay for a photo of Trump’s fat, naked butt humping a porn queen?

I hope the dozen or more women who claimed to have experienced not consensual sex, but sexual abuse or assault, by Trump, without result, are enjoying this. Payback is a bitch, Donald.

Basketball: College basketball holds no interest for me, and less so the NBA. Oddly, however, I consider the NCAA Tournament the best event in sports, and I watch as many games as I can.

I’d like to be able to say I’m interested in how Oklahoma’s basketball team fares, but I’m not. Football is my drug of choice. (I do enjoy watching OU’s women’s softball team, though.)

I do know one thing about OU this year. It’s been in all the papers. After getting off to a good start – they were 14-2 and ranked #4 – they collapsed. OU ended the season 18-13, 8-10 in conference play. They were 1-11 for February!

I was, therefore, stunned to see them seeded #10 in the Midwest Region. OU has a good coach. I don’t know what happened this year, but apparently it wasn’t pretty. I don’t expect to see them in the tournament for more than one game.

Status of the States: A very good friend thinks I should have given the cup to Arizona last week. Actually, I did, but he says it should have been for a different reason, and he has a point.

So, I’ll give it to Arizona again this week for his reason, which is: The Republican controlled legislature is trying to screw with our bi-partisan, independent legislative districting commission.

Our anti-gerrymandering law was enacted in 2000 by popular vote. It established a commission comprising two Democrats, two Republicans and an Independent as chairman to draw the district boundaries, using professional help.

As soon as the work of the commission was announced, Republican Governor Jan Brewer saw that it was fair, and so she immediately tried to sabotage it. The commission has been a target of Republicans ever since.

Gerrymandering is corrosive to democracy, and its siren call is irresistible to politicians of every stripe. It is a chronic worst state condition.

This cancer will never be cured until there is an independent governmental agency of demographic and geographic experts charged with establish boundaries for every state.

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