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Perhaps the most important decisions a CEO makes involve hiring personnel. Staffing decisions should never be rushed and always carefully considered. A leader, however competent, it still just one person. But if he (or she) selects competent deputies and support, his effectiveness is expanded exponentially. On the other hand, a poor decision can be destructive, set things back, and take a lot of lost time to correct.

I’ve known creative directors – men of prodigious creative talent – the product of whose creative group was outmatched by directors with less talent personally, but who surrounded themselves with and developed a team whose total output far surpassed that of the brilliant individual’s.

It is provable based on turnover statistics alone that President Trump is a disastrously poor personnel decision maker. His decisions are impulsive, rushed and almost universally regrettable. His White House is constantly being set back by bad personnel decisions, firings and start overs.

Even when Trump finds some good people, as the blind hog occasionally finds an acorn, he doesn’t develop them. In fact, they are diminished by their association with him. Think Rex Tillerson. But that’s another, though related flaw.

Trump is so bad at personnel decisions that an astounding number of his choices are outright criminals, or in serious legal jeopardy. Recently, one was escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service without his suit jacket.

There is a clear lesson and cautionary tale for CEOs and Personnel Departments.

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