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Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on March 18, 2018

Assuming, as I do, that the majority (but not all) of President Trump’s criminal activity occurred before he became president, what he did Friday night was the lowest, slimiest thing that his administration has done to date, and that is really saying something.  

At 10 pm, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe two days before his declared retirement date, and his birthday, damaging his reputation and denying him his pension.

The firing was a late night, under the cover of darkness injustice, but it had been plotted for weeks for maximum intimidation of the FBI and our justice system, maximum humiliation of McCabe personally and maximum smearing of his reputation as a witness in possible criminal or political proceedings against Trump himself.

Disgusted as I am by this event, it has not lowered my opinion of Attorney General Sessions. This is because my opinion of Sessions can’t get any lower. He is an ignorant, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic bigot, and the least qualified member of President Trump’s administration, which is remarkable since Trump’s cabinet includes Ben Carson, Rick Perry and Betsy De Voss. Besides, Sessions was just doing the bidding of President Trump. Sessions is a serf.

Trump has been maligning, slandering, libeling, insulting and trying to intimidate McCabe for months. This is Trump’s style. He sits in the highest office and rains personal insult down publicly on people below him who cannot defend them themselves, which exposes Trump for what he is, and disgraces the office he holds.

Trump despises our system of justice and is doing his best to destroy it. Trump longs to be an authoritarian leader like Putin of Russia, Erdogan of Turkey and Duterte of the Philippines, and the Justice Department is the main obstacle that stands in his way. It’s certainly not the Republican legislature.

Trump also knows that one day he will have to stand before Justice, and he wants to damage it as much as he can before that happens, no matter that he threatens justice for all of us in the process.

Trump cannot be allowed to get away with this. It must be made clear that this event was nothing but a plotted political character assassination.

I don’t need to know what McCabe is accused of doing to know that it was incidental to firing, nothing but vengeful and mendacious, and certainly not sufficient to justify his treatment, let alone the loss of his pension. If the Legislature has a pinch of honor or a single vertebrae of spine, they will see that McCabe gets his pension, if not justice.

I despise the Trump Administration, individually and severally.




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