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Rudy makes Fox News News: On Fox News Wednesday evening, Rudy Giuliani admitted that President Trump’s attorney-fixer, Michael Cohen, paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about a roll in the hay she had with Trump, and that Trump reimbursed Cohen on the installment plan, though Trump still says his one night stand with Daniels never happened. Giuliani went on to say that the whole thing is “irrelevant.” And you know what? He’s probably right, up to a point.

I don’t care who Trump has sex with, or how much he pays or overpays for it, however foolish, and it’s obvious his base doesn’t care either. They already know Trump had sex with Daniels. You know it. I know it. Everybody does. It’s patently obvious that Daniels is telling the truth and Trump is lying.

So, assuming the money was stuffed properly into Stormy’s G-string, and not through some illegal financial scheme, as some suspect, no harm, no foul.

And even if there were financial shenanigans, it’s unlikely ever to amount to much. The Federal Election Committee is an impotent, toothless, politically paralyzed entity, even by Washington standards, and, again, his base won’t care about this either. They’ve already overlooked so many more serious crimes, one more won’t matter. And if Trump’s base doesn’t care, you won’t hear so much of a whimper from our Republican-controlled Congress.

Frankly, I think Giuliani actually has a political strategy going, posing as a legal one. Get everything out all at once.  Make it sound stinking bad and get it all behind Trump. Then, using Trump’s default tactic, throw out so many lies and contradictory statements that people can’t keep up. Well, no one but Mueller.

Now, beyond the point mentioned above: 1) Trump will have some more explaining to do to Melania. 2) It strengthens Stormy’s defamation case against Trump. (It just doesn’t sound credible that Trump would say she’s lying about the hump, and then pay her $130,000 to forget about something he says never happened). 3) Likewise, it strengthens the cases of other women Trump has called liars who are suing, or will sue, him, now that Giuliani has let the pussy out of the bag, so to speak. 4) Evangelicals will suffer another episode of heartburn over their hypocrisy, but they’ll get over it. They always have.

As one enters, yet another leaves: Ty Cobb, another of President Trump’s lawyers, left the White House staff, his strategy having failed. Cobb advised Trump to cooperate with the special counsel and get everything over quickly.

The reason this strategy failed is easily inferred. Trump told Cobb he is innocent. Cobb was foolish enough to believe him, so cooperating was the logical course. But cooperation was always out of the question for Trump, or Mueller, for that matter. Mueller has evidence and Trump knows what he has done.

Not so sudden thought: President Trump’s hands don’t seem to me to be so extremely small. Below average, to be sure; I doubt he can palm a basketball. But nothing to warrant such mocking.

His little round mouth, on the other hand, is quite odd. When I watch him speak, I see a hole end of a roll of toilet paper talking to me.

Trump’s terrible job running his Justice Department: For months, Trump has insulted, smeared, slandered and libeled the Justice Department, the FBI and certain members of each by name. He has called many top level executives crooked, corrupt and worse. He has called James Comey an untruthful slime ball and worse. He smears his own Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General incessantly.

Recently, he hurled the ultimate condemnation – the most damning accusation he could make in the eyes of his base. He called them “angry Democrats,” despite the fact that those he calls out most viciously are Republicans, and appointed by his own administration!

Trump does this for his own self-preservation, not caring that damaging the reputation of his Justice Department in the eyes of the public diminishes our entire system of justice for all. Trump doesn’t care anything about that, only his own hide.

While doing this, Trump hopes we overlook the fact (his base doesn’t know or care) that the Department of Justice is part of the Executive Branch – his branch. When he condemns the DOJ’s performance, he is criticizing his own.

Trump is responsible for their DOJ. He can fire the people he condemns any time and put new executives in their place who are more to his liking. If they are so bad, why doesn’t he do that? I’ll tell you why.

Trump doesn’t fire them because doesn’t really care what kind of job they are doing. He just doesn’t want them to do it to him. He knows they are doing their job correctly, and if he fires them, it will stink on ice. (Just like everyone knows Trump screwed Stormy Daniels and paid for her silence, everyone knows Trump has done a lot of other bad things that he is trying to hide from the law.)

Trump’s hope is to lower public opinion of the DOJ to the point his base will accept it if Trump fires them, or have an excuse to forgive Trump if his misdeeds come to light.

But make no mistake. Trump will fire everyone he needs to in a heartbeat if he feels mortally threatened by his own Justice Department, to save his own skin. He will take his chances, and if he gets away with it, our system of justice, and our democracy, are pretty much over. We’ll see.

Person of Interest: Carlton Pearson (

Status of the States:  Oklahoma keeps the worst state cup until Scott Pruitt is gone. He does something worst cup worthy ever week.





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