Why Trump lets Putin Slide

Posted in Politics and Justice by EloiSVM42 on May 10, 2018

Hey, remember Russia? President Trump sure hopes you don’t. That’s one of the reasons he throws up so much flak, such as porn stars, slandering his own Department of Justice, creating havoc with Dreamers and other aspects of our immigration policy, letting Scott Pruitt hang on as a delicious target and stuff like that. He would love for us to forget that he acts so deferentially to Russian president Putin. And many are distracted from this topic. Fortunately for us, Robert Mueller is not one of them.

So, why does President Trump let Vladimir Putin skate so easily? In fact, it is obvious why Trump is Putin’s bitch. You know why. I know why. Everybody does. But, just for the mental exercise, let’s review a range of possible motives as objectively as we can, in descending order of probability:

Trump may truly believe that the best way to work with Russia is to lay compliments on Putin (Trump sure loves to receive them) rather than sanctions. But this doesn’t fly, because he applies sanctions on other countries easily, and insults our other adversaries and allies alike.

Maybe Trump just prefers dictators over other types of leaders. It’s clear he wants to be one himself, as Miniver Cheevey longed to be a Medici. Perhaps Trump thinks if he hangs around them enough, dictatorship will rub off on him. But this doesn’t really wash, because even he knows enough about government to know our system isn’t made for authoritarians, though he hasn’t given up trying.

Maybe Trump is nice to Putin because his credit is so bad everywhere else that Russia is the only country with banks (all government controlled) who will loan money to him, even indirectly through Russian owned or controlled banks in other countries, such as Deutsche Bank. But Trump seems to have found another despotic country willing to give him loans in exchange for favors now that he’s president – Saudi Arabia. Maybe this will embolden Trump to be a little harder on Russia.

Maybe Russia has been laundering money through investments in Trump real estate for years which has made Trump lots of money, and he wants to keep his good customer happy.

Maybe Trump has been doing crooked deals with Russian oligarchs for years, which if they ever came to light would land him in prison.

Maybe Putin has been behind many of Trump’s deals, and has the goods on him, which he could turn over to the FBI any time, but is choosing to blackmail him with at present, to squeeze favors from his mark.

Maybe Putin has art on some of Trump’s sexual escapades in Russia that would make even evangelicals blush, and Trump knows Putin could get them published in newspapers and magazines all over the world over night.

Maybe it’s all of the above.


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