Thoughts on Events the Week of May 21

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on May 28, 2018

The Art of the (No) Deal: President Trump’s book is inaccurately titled. He seems to know how to back out of deals, not how to make them.

For those keeping score, Trump has pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership, two important international agreements. His biggest boner, probably the worst decision he will ever make as president, however long he serves, was pulling out of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, the most important international agreement of the 21st Century. What a no deal guy.

Note: all of these deals have two things in common. They are all good, important deals, and they were all negotiated by Barak Obama, a serious and successful dealmaker, of whom Trump must be green with envy and consumed with spite.

By dismissing the Iran deal, Trump has unintentionally signaled that his North Korean deal will be better than the Iranian deal he walked away from, and that just flat out isn’t going to happen. In fact, very little is going to happen.

Trump assured us he would glide into a deal to de-nuclearize North Korea over a saké in Singapore (if North Korea’s plan can fly that far, and if Chairman (It’s chairman now, not Supreme Leader) Kim Jong-Un is still in power when he lands), easy peasy, on June 12. When he discovered, like other presidents, that this is easier said than done, he pulled out of this one, too. But it’s just as well. This negotiation wasn’t going to go as Trump expected anyway.

I’m sure Trump and Kim will get together for a photo-op sometime, somewhere and call it progress, but that’s nonsense.

America and North Korea will have a deal when America and China agree what it will be and when it will happen, which isn’t going to be any time soon, and isn’t going to be what Trump imagines.

That said, Kim and South Korean leader Moon Jae-in still have an opportunity to improve relations between their respective countries, and I hope they continue to do so, if only to show our dumb-ass president how it can be done.

The Justice Department Epic Failure: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein screwed up big time when he obeyed President Trump’s order to let Republican lawmakers (read Trump’s partisan hatchet men) see classified material from a DOJ investigation.

People are debating whether Rosenstein was being craven to save his job, or crafty to save the Special Counsel investigation. Rosenstein’s motives are meaningless. He can’t protect the investigation or himself by eroding the Department of Justice this way. He should never have permitted such a breach of legal practice.

Once Rosenstein caved, Trump pressed again, inviting only Republicans to see the material, no Democrats. This was corrected, but the very act was proof of Trump’s intent, and the complicity of Republican lawmakers. Rosenstein should have called a halt then and there.

Finally, when the meeting, which never should have happened, began, Trumps Chief of Staff John Kelly and his personal lawyer Emmett Flood, sneaked into the room. Third strike. Ballgame (should have been) over.

But it wasn’t. Now Trump’s other lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, wants to do the same thing over again for himself, for the admitted purpose of destroying the investigation. The inevitable slippery slope that occurs when working with slippery slime.

What could Rosenstein think he was protecting? Make no mistake. Trump doesn’t give a rodent’s rectum about our justice system. He will tear the whole thing down in a heartbeat to save himself from this investigation (which is only necessary if he is guilty of something), and the hell with his oath of office, the Department of Justice or the whole damn country.

I don’t know how this is going to end, but I know what is going to happen. If the noose tightens around Trump, he will fire Rosenstein, Mueller, Sessions and anyone else who gets in his way, and take his chances.

At that point, we will see if, as Trump says, he can shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and get away with it. But who he will be shooting is Blind Justice, and make no mistake, she is mortal.

The Trump Taint: There is one constant to the erratic and inconsistent Trump administration. Everyone who comes into contact with Trump is diminished by their exposure to him. They will be humiliated, insulted, embarrassed, fired or pressured out. They will find their reputations damaged and possibly even land in prison. No matter how high the office they are given in the administration, no one escapes with their stature as high as it was when they entered.

The most immediate case in point is Emmett Flood, Trump’s new Special Counsel to the President. Trump finally recruited a well-educated lawyer with excellent credentials and a prominent, bipartisan reputation. Hardly had Flood gotten in the door than he was seen sneaking into the two classified briefings at which the justice Department shamefully briefed lawmakers on classified information related to the Russian investigation (see above).

Flood knew better than to do this.  He knew it was inappropriate, even unprecedented. He knew it was wrong. And yet there he was, putting his reputation at risk for his smarmy client. He will have to explain himself to his partners, his colleagues, himself and a judge or two, to his shame.

Women’s Softball: There is almost nothing in sports that interests me between football seasons any more. But one exception is women’s softball, in large measure due to the remarkable success of my beloved Oklahoma Sooners’ team. Having won the previous two NCAA championships, and seeded #4 this year (an injustice), they blew through the regional and super regional to advance to the Championship Series in Oklahoma City.

In the first round, OU knocked out three opponents, scoring 24 runs and not giving up a single one. In their super regional, they dispatched Arkansas with two straight wins by a combined score of 16-2. These gals are a joy to watch.

The NBA: I did something I never do, this weekend – watched snatches of the last two games of the Cleveland v. Celtics Eastern Finals, and watched LeBron James carry his team by the scruff of their necks to the NBA Championship. What a performance!

Forget the debate who is the best ever. It’s futile. Just accept that there is a plane above all the rest, and that James and Michael Jordan, Koby Bryant and a couple of others are on it. But make no mistake, James is on it.

Person of Interest:  General John F. Kelly, retired United States Marine Corps general and White House Chief of staff. A deeply, deeply disappointing figure, and model example of one diminished by his exposure to President Trump.


Status of the States: Oklahoma keeps the worst state cup until EPA Director Scott Pruitt is gone.

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention Texas’ Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who, after the mass murder in the high School in Santa Fe, TX during which 10 people were killed, opined that the problem causing mass shootings has nothing to do with guns, but is due to abortions and violent video games. Even by Texas standards, Patrick is an exceptional bozo, and if Scott Pruitt were not in the Trump administration would earn Texas the worst state cup this week.

Hey, Danny Boy, abortions have nothing to do with this subject. You are a tool for trying to wedge it in. It insults the intelligence of those who voted for you, and that’s really saying something.

Regarding video games, the country most addicted to them is Japan, and they have perhaps the least gun violence of any country in the world. Know why? Because they have almost no guns. What a Gohmert!


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