What then to do with Rosanne Barr?

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on May 31, 2018

You’ve all seen, heard or read that Rosanne Barr posted a gratuitously racist, Islamophobic tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a former Special Advisor to President Barak Obama. Shortly thereafter, ABC issued its own statement critical of, and distancing itself from, Barr’s. Less than an hour later, ABC cancelled her popular TV show.

The cynic in me doubts that ABC made this decision alone; the show was a money maker. I’m sure they hoped their statement would suffice and things would settle down. I’m thinking Disney, ABC’s parent, made the call, and quickly. Good for them.

I’m pretty much an absolutist about free speech, and I am of the opinion that we are often way too politically correct, but I’m glad this happened. This shit has to stop.

Barr exercised her freedom of speech rightly, and so did Disney. Barr’s speech reflected on ABC, and by extension Disney, and they didn’t want to be associated with it. Barr’s speech was free, but irresponsible. Barr can still speak. Maybe some other media outlet will pick up the show. Otherwise, with her rant, Barr put a whole lot of people – the entire cast and crew of her show – out of work.

Racism is a roach under our refrigerator. It’s always there, sadly, but usually stays in the dark, self-aware of its repugnancy. In the current environment, racists have been emboldened to come out into the light.

To be clear, this new era of blatant racism was not caused by President Trump. He has just exploited it, though he obviously is one himself. The flame was ignited when President Barak Obama was elected.

Seeing a black man in the White House sparked a backlash among this kind, and, to my utter disgust, within the Republican Congress. It led to the most disgraceful eight years of legislative malfeasance in my lifetime, including complete opposition and obstruction of any Obama initiatives, including ones the Republicans had championed until Obama agreed with them, in which case the Republicans opposed them.

The most egregious, odious obstruction was the refusal of Republican Senators Charles Grassley and Mitch McConnell to give Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court – Merrick Garland – an excellently qualified choice – a hearing, allowing the court to limp along rather than do their duty, as they ran out the clock on Obama’s term. These guys’ action was as blatantly racist as that of any white supremacist scum in the land.

I want to see racism wither completely, but at present I’d just settle for seeing it out of our government, to start. It is going to take people like ABC and/or Disney calling it out until, if we cannot entirely erase it, we can get it back under the refrigerator.

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