Thoughts on Events the Week of June 18

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on June 26, 2018

Baby shit hits the fan:  and it is splattering all over the Trump administration, which couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

There is no need to reprise the disgraceful, unconscionable abuses of immigrants and their children that have been going on at our Southern border. It’s been in all the papers. Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, and Attorney Jeff Sessions’ application of it, have monopolized the news and shifted public opinion throughout the country as nothing has since Trump was elected and installed his incompetent, xenophobic, bigoted, money grubbing cabinet.

The only silver linings in these despicable events are that: they seem to be shrinking Trump’s base, and, sadly, that they apparently are going to take quite a while to redress, so focus will be kept on them well toward the fall elections.

Those leaving the ship include suburban mothers and decent human beings. Still hanging tough with Trump so far are:

  1. White Supremacists. Motto: Make American white again. Well, it doesn’t have to be America any longer, just so long as it’s white.

To this group I would say, Sorry, but that ship has sailed.

  1. Evangelicals: Motto: We must save these babies from abortion so they can be snatched from their mothers’ arms.

To this group I say: You are the sorriest Christians on the planet.

About these minors taken from their parents and removed across state lines, might some federal law or laws have been broken, like, say, child abduction, child abuse or kidnapping?

And if these children cannot be found and returned to their parents – and there are bound to be at least some such cases – wouldn’t these parents have grounds to sue the federal government for something serious, like, say, child abduction and perhaps black site detention?

I assume that when the Trump administration rescinded the family separation policy, with the gun of public outrage at its head, it did so in hopes this whole thing would then settle down and go away, but I don’t think that’s going to happen soon. There are just too many unsettled issues.

And what is all this costing us, anyway? Not just the obvious costs to our standing in the world and our moral fiber, but actual dollars. I’ll bet it’s a ton.

It was said by some reporters interviewed on MSNBC that Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller had been planning this kind of deterrent strategy for years, long before Trump has been in office, which has been almost a year and a half. If that is the case, the chaos we are seeing now suggests either utter incompetence, or people driven by such xenophobic impulse to have driven forward without thought or care. It’s probably a mixture of both, but either answer alone is distressing.

Update: On Friday, it was learned that the toddler in the now iconic image that triggered such outrage about children being separated from their parents was not actually one of those separated, and Republicans tried to have a field day about this “fake news,” which is ludicrous, but I don’t think anybody is buying it. The toddler, if not a true case, is symbolic of the scandal. I don’t hear any Republicans denying that at least 2,300 children have been separated, which is the salient point.

Remembering Kate Slade: I don’t remember Slade. In fact, I never heard of her until she hanged herself, which was a reminder how out of touch I am with current popular culture. (This is why I never score 100% on the New York Times’ weekend news quiz. It always has a question or two about this kind of stuff.)  I try to keep up, but the pop culture stuff, which is inevitably short lived and ephemeral, just doesn’t seem to register with me anymore. But it is definitely a blind spot in my overall perspective.

North Korea: Speaking of remembering, has anyone heard a word about nuclear negotiations recently? Last time we tuned in, Trump had given up military exercises with South Korea unilaterally to please North Korea, getting nothing return, and we haven’t heard a peep since. Photo op’s over. Time to move on.

Person of Interest:  Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security. Nielsen is the ideal Secretary for the Trump cabinet. She lies like Trump, she is as mean spirited as Attorney General Sessions, she is as stupid as Education Secretary DeVos and Education Secretary Rick Perry, and she is as clueless about her department as HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

Like so many Trump loyalists, Nielsen spoke for Trump and then was left twisting in the wind by him.

Status of the States: Oklahoma keeps the worst state cup until EPA Director Scott Pruitt is gone.

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