Thoughts on Events the Week of July 2

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Melting ICE: The idea of abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency currently proposed by many knee jerk liberals is a poor idea and a shiny bobble exactly like the ones President Trump likes to throw out to distract voters from the truth, only this one is self-inflicted by Democrats themselves.

Abolishing ICE to improve immigration management is like firing the hangman to stop capital punishment. Let’s just say, to be polite to knee jerk liberals, it’s not a complete solution.

ICE is just a small part of the brain freeze of the Bush Administration, which scrambled and compressed and expanded and created new departments while running around in circles trying to act like it was doing something about terrorism in response to 9/11, while it was primarily just wetting itself. ICE does need reform, but so does the entire bloated Homeland Security debacle.

True, ICE does some things it has no business doing – separating immigrant parents and their children at the border, and menacing established, hard-working, peaceable illegal immigrants. But ICE also does some things that need to be done, like catch and deport illegals who are truly criminal.

ICE needs to be better directed to be sure, and made to stop in its tracks from hassling immigrant families, which many of its force seem to be doing too happily. This should be done sooner than immediately. But abolishment, if needed ultimately, can await the reform of the whole money pit that is Homeland Security.

July 4th: If I remember my history book correctly, we celebrate this day as the anniversary of when George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and threw it into the Potomac. It’s hard to keep historical and civics facts straight, because what’s written in the texts bears so little resemblance to what is happening in Washington today.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a woman whose salary we pay to lie to us for a living, and which she does so willingly, said that I need to decide if I love my country more than I hate this President. I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

If she is talking about Trump’s version of America, I hate that America more than I hate Trump, which is really saying something. If she if referring to the traditional version of America, I love it more than I hate Trump.

Ass Kissing Exercises: Though Trump suspended joint military exercises with South Korea, he sent a delegation of Republican Senators to Moscow on a practice ass kissing exercise with Yesterday’s Man, Vladimir Putin, prior to meeting him later this month.

Presumably, the Senators will provide intelligence to Trump, such as which of Putin’s cheeks is smoother, and  which knee, or both, Putin would like Trump to be kneeling upon when he kisses Putin’s ass, and whether or not Putin wants Trump’s hands on his hips or behind Trump’s back while doing his kissing.

The intelligence gained will be second hand, however, because the Senators, having traveled all the way to Moscow for the meeting, were told Putin was too busy to see them. How embarrassing was that?

I find this whole thing so odd. Republicans used to be seriously skeptical of Russia, but now they are puckering up like Trump, who Putin clearly has by the short and curlies, without a whimper. Seeing Republican Senator Richard Shelby there in Moscow, so obsequious with his comments, was just wrong on so many levels.

The NFL also gets on its knee for Trump: Speaking of being on your knees, NFL owners went down on their knees in front of Trump over the player protest issue, and now they have a real mess on their hands.

I sympathize, mildly, with owners for trying to protect their product and their investment, and for having to suffer Trump’s using them to stir his base, but there are ways out of their predicament better than what they are planning, which is only asking for more trouble and greater player, and some fan, resentment.

I was reminded – this is not my original thought – that at college football games, teams come onto the field AFTER the national anthem is played. Sounds like an easy fix for the NFL to adopt.

Another option would be to do away with the pre-game National Anthem altogether – it’s an unnecessary exercise in faux patriotism – but that would probably play into Trump’s hands, so that idea will have to wait for another, more enlightened time.

Justice, law of the jungle variety: Some rhino poachers were eaten by lions on a South African game reserve, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of two or probably three guys. Their remains were discovered near the pride. When the suspects were questioned, the lions said, “Burp,” and lawyered up.

Person of Interest: John Bolton, Trump’s National Security Advisor, and a man who is truly barking mad. Bolton’s default position is regime change. He wants to nuke everybody. We haven’t had anyone this bellicose in a position of authority since Curtis Lemay (Google him). Bolton makes John McCain look like a pacifist.

Bolton must be conflicted right now. He was ecstatic when Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran. Bolton wanted to nuke Iran, but he had to settle with what he got.

However, Bolton also wants to nuke North Korea and Russia, and here he is, like everyone else who loses his soul working for Trump, smiling and supporting Trump’s giveaways and genuflections to Bolton’s other two primary nemeses. Plus, Bolton wants regime change in Syria, and Trump is making noises like he going to hand Syria to Russia. Choke on it, Bolton.

Note: as this went to press, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo limped back from North Korea trying lamely to perfume Trump’s pig of a deal with North Korea after it was exposed for what we all knew it was. Bolton must be chewing on his own liver. I’ll write this up on next Sunday’s blog.

Status of the States: EPA Director Scott Pruitt resigned this week, demonstrating that, contrary to all previous evidence, there is a level of corruption up with which the administration will not put…excluding by Trump himself, of course. Pruitt’s resignation lets Oklahoma off the hook as worst state.

The cup, therefore, goes to Alabama, based on Senator Shelby’s humiliating performance in Moscow. Can Alabamans really be as fond of Russia as their Senator?

Question: If you promise to drain a swamp, and then you actually add a whole lot of alligators to it, and then remove one really ugly, smarmy gator, can you claim credibly that you are draining the swamp?

Diary Entry: The average date of the first rainfall to occur in the Monsoon season in this region of Arizona is July 6. Sure enough, on Friday, our first shower came, right on schedule. It was a light one, but it was enough to give hope and relief to the flora and fauna that have been waiting through a particularly dry winter, spring and early summer.

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