Those were the Weeks that Were

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on July 26, 2018

It has been a genuinely awful couple of weeks for America, and still no inkling that any of Trump’s base is budging (though some may be slinking away silently, which doesn’t mean they won’t slip back and vote when the election comes).

This still confounds me. I had thought the base would hate Communism (read Russia) almost as much as they hate abortion, at least some of them. But it doesn’t seem to bother them that Trump is plainly in bed with Russia, which is our enemy, though it would not be a very significant one – more of an annoyance, really – except that Putin is pulling our president’s pants down in public, and Trump is letting him. Lett’s recap the last couple of weeks:

One the first Monday (poignantly coincidental in this instance) Trump announced his nominee to replace Kennedy on the Supreme Court – Brett Kavanaugh – about whom I have little to say except that he worked with Ken Starr, which is automatically disqualifying.

The most intriguing thing about this nomination is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fairly screamed to Trump that two of his four final candidates – Kavanaugh and the crazy church lady – would be more difficult to get confirmed than the other two.  So, of course Trump picked Kavanaugh.

Then Trump went to Brussels and smeared our NATO allies there. First, he slammed them for not meeting the defense spending goals in time, which they already agreed to try to do on a deadline that hasn’t even arrived yet, and then snarled that their target should be double what was agreed to. He was being a real dick.

But this quarrel misses the point completely. We, especially America, is already spending obscenely too much on defense. We should be cutting our defense spending and putting the money into much more positive pursuits.

(Suggestion for reducing expenses of the Veterans Administration: quit getting us into pointless, stupid, expensive wars. Fewer wars, fewer casualties.)

Then Trump went to Britain and pulled the rug from under Prime Minister May, who has her hands full dealing with her equivalent of the Trump base, who, in their ignorance, are screwing their country with their own xenophobia. He was an ugly American houseguest.

Trump opined he is very popular in Britain, though polls shows he has an 11% approval rating there. He is so unpopular, it was deemed unsafe to let him go into London. It wouldn’t have killed him, but his ego would have been mortally wounded to see the Baby Trump balloon and hear the boos. If you can’t stand the heat, you’re Trump.

Trump kept the Queen waiting and then walked in front of her, both of which are faux pas.  I don’t care about the monarchy, but I do care about sending a boor to do a president’s job.

Next to Russia, where we were treated to the breathtaking spectacle of seeing a United States president cowering before and mewing over Putin, taking the word of that lying president over the entire U.S. intelligence community.

The press asked Trump in advance of the trip if he would Putin about Russia’s interference in our 2016 election, and Trump said he would. Bullshit! Bullshit to the press for even asking such a lame question of Trump, and bullshit to Trump for saying he would ask. We don’t need to ask. We know. To ask is ludicrous. Putin clearly has Trump by the scrotum.

Everyone is ringing their hands over what Putin and Trump talked about for two hours alone, and worrying that we will never know, because Trump isn’t saying. But, we’ll know. We’ll know when we see what Trump actually does now, and/or when Putin tells us.

While all this was going on, a joint committee of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees did a good impression of both a McCarthy hearing and a Dean Martin roast, of Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who foolishly emailed his distain of Donald Trump on a company email server.

There were no highlights to this hearing, only lowlights. The House Republican Mendacity triplets – Jim Johnson, Trey Gowdy and the idiot son Louis Gohmert, achieved personal records in hypocrisy, venom and abuse of authority.

Gowdy, for instance, insisted that the Special Prosecutor should hurry up and bring his investigation to a close. This from the man who strung seven investigations of Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi attacks together without learning a single new thing from one to the next.  Johnson took time away from his own scandal at Ohio State, from which I don’t expect him to recover – Hail, Columbus – to spew non-factual smears.

To my delight, and somewhat to my surprise, Strzok took no crap from these guys, and exposed them for what they were – McCarty wannabes, only with less charm.

The following Monday, Trump, reading from a prepared script (you always know Trump doesn’t mean what he says when he reads a script, because he didn’t write it), walked back his Putin pandering with a ludicrous explanation of a misspoken contraction, then, as predicted, walked back his walk back.

Meanwhile, on a serious side of the world, the EU and Japan, moving on from Trump and the U.S., announced a trade deal regarding automobiles, which means Trump has screwed both American automakers and American workers who build foreign automobile brands in the U.S.

Meanwhile, American soy bean and pork producing farmers woke up to the fact that Trump’s tariffs are screwing them like tied goats. Stay tuned to the reaction to that one.

The curtain of charity on this time period come down as Trump indicates he wants to invite Putin to yet another summit in Washington, and Republican lawmakers up for election this fall lost their lunch. Don’t worry. Putin won’t come. He already has everything he needs from Trump for now, and he doesn’t want to be in Washington when stuff starts hitting the fan.

To quote Cynthia, “I need a news fast.”

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