To Impeach or not to Impeach?

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on March 14, 2019

That is the question Democrats are debating presently. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is correct: impeachment is, at the least, premature.

That being the case, I was stunned when The Atlantic, a generally sober magazine and one of my favorites, published a major article by Yoni Appelbaum in its March issue advocating impeachment now, which was as flawed with specious arguments and as misguided as anything I have ever read in the magazine. Very disappointing.

Basically, Appelbaum’s argument is that we should begin the impeachment process now because Trump is already impeachable based on what we already know, and that even if it is not successful, it will gum up the political works, and impede Trump’s political agenda.

First, impeachment is far too serious an issue to play fast and loose with. That is simply irresponsible governance. And, our legislature is already dysfunctional enough. We need to get serious about restoring it, not making it worse.

Second, it is obvious that Trump’s base, and therefore Republican legislators, don’t care what Trump has done so far. They have sold their souls to him, so impeachment on the basis of what we know now is bound to fail, waste everyone’s time, and diminish the gravity of the process.

Impeachment, if it ever occurs, will have to await the findings of Robert Mueller’s investigation, which may or may not produce evidence sufficient to warrant it, or the product of investigations now beginning in the House. My own expectation is that Trump will survive the Mueller investigation, unless it produces some really egregious crime, and maybe even then.

I expect, however, that the investigations by House committees will be so aggressive that they will drive Trump from office ultimately. They, and the weight of the Mueller investigation, will cause Trump to quit, or lose re-election.

So, I don’t expect Trump to be impeached. I expect he will likely go to jail after he leaves office, based on his various financial crimes, rather than anything political. Trump brought this on himself by shining bright light on his personal life by running for president. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. r

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