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Benjamin Netanyahu: won re-election as Prime Minister of Israel, closing officially, I expect, the chapter of Israel’s history as a liberal democracy and confirming it as an oppressive, theocratic, authoritarian state. Israel has traded liberal democracy for (a false sense of) security. May it get what it deserves for making this dreadful bargain.

There once was no bigger supporter of Israel’s liberal democracy than I, in the days of David Ben Gurion and Abba Eban. But the legacy of those men has been swept aside in favor of religious extremism, intolerance and oppression, which I find odious. Israel is now no better than Egypt, Turkey or the Philippines. I am sad for the Israel that once was, but I have no sympathy for the new one.

Bottom line: Omar is correct in her criticism of Israel.

Tiger on the prowl: Tiger Woods won the Masters, an extraordinary feat at age 43. The physical and emotion hurdles he had to overcome during his lengthy stay in purgatory make it all the more remarkable. It is arguably the greatest comeback in the history of sports writ large.

I don’t watch golf, but I watch Tiger. I don’t really believe in sin, though, oddly, I do believe in redemption, and in my view, Tiger has achieved his. I’m happy for him, and to be able to watch him again.

Richard Neal and Trump’s tax returns: The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has stopped pussyfooting and subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns. This pleases me no end. Trump’s returns, and the underlying records reveal where the bodies of buried, which is why Trump has refused to release them. This will cause a big fight, but the law is on Neal’s side, clearly.

Status of the States: I read a poll showing Roy Moore with an early lead in Alabama’s next senatorial election, so Alabama gets the cup this week. It’s amazing that Moore is sufficiently without shame to show his face in public, let alone that this bigot represents the Republican Party in Alabama.

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