Thoughts on Events the Week of April 15

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 27, 2019

Barr’s Single-Double: In one duplicitous effort – releasing a redacted Mueller Report and lying about its thrust before the release – Attorney General Barr created more distrust about the administration’s behavior and motives, further damaged the president’s reputation (if that is possible, which I think it is), and shredded his own.

Despite all this, little has changed. But not nothing has changed. Trump’s poll numbers have dropped a bit, and I suspect that the corrosive effect of the evidence that has been un-redacted so far will erode them further over time. At this rate, Trump’s standing is likely to be more run down than uplifted by the next election.

Mnuchin takes his turn in the barrel: Now the game is moving to a second theater of operations: the president’s tax returns. The Secretary of the Treasury is sullying his reputation over this one, by ignoring the law for his law-averse boss. I like this field of play better, because: the law is clearer here; this is where the criminal bodies are most likely buried; and because Mnuchin is an even less likable character than Barr, and I like seeing him destroy himself. He’s a pig part.

Cuba’s “death ray” debunked: Experts have concluded, where common sense should have sufficed, that Cuba was not pelting the U.S. Embassy with sickness inducing rays of some kind. (How does nonsense like this get started?)

In a remarkable display of intellectual back flipping, President Trump is again ignoring the opinion of his experts, with a twist. In the past, our experts have said that some authoritarian leader has does something reprehensible, the dictator says he hasn’t and Trump says he believes the dictator. Think North Korea, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.

In this case, our experts say Cuba didn’t engage in sickening our embassy personnel in Havana with sound waves, as was erroneously claimed, but President Trump says he believes it happened.  Trump is particular about which dictators he chooses to believe, apparently, but he clearly believes none of his experts.

Lorena Bobbitt, remember her?: Attempts are currently underway to rehabilitate the reputation of the woman who cut off her husband’s penis and threw it out her car window onto the side of the highway. She recently got a favorable write up by Amy Chozick in the Sunday New York Times, and Joshua Rofé has done a sympathetic documentary about her that has run somewhere recently.

The rehabilitation attempt won’t wash with me. This woman did something despicable, and in my view, she should have done some hard time for it, so to speak. (She was found innocent by reason of temporary insanity. What a crock!)

I’ll stipulate that Bobbitt’s former husband is a pig. His abusive behavior is indisputable. But Bobbitt had any number of other remedies. What she did was horrific, an assault on a man’s, well, manhood. It’s analogous to throwing acid in a woman’s face.

Diary Entry: Cynthia’s birthday was April 16. She would have been 68.

The Weather Channel is in my doghouse. They’ve stopped giving their “Local on the 8’s” local weather forecasts between five and six am, at the time I want to see it. I’m up and out of the house before they tell me what the day’s weather will be. Not helpful.

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