Thoughts on Events the Week of June 15

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on June 25, 2019

Iran: Perhaps if we knew President Trump’s objective regarding Iran, we would better understand his behavior, but I doubt it. He says at times that he merely wants to deny Iran nuclear weapons, but if that is really what he wants, he would have left the Obama nuclear deal in place. No, that can’t be it.

(Set aside all his petty criminal activity, and Trump’s backing out of the Iran nuclear agreement will be judged by history to be his biggest mistake.)

Trump says he doesn’t want regime change, but he has surrounded himself with rabid hawks, some of them barking mad. Fuzzy thinking, Donald.

The fact is, our bigot-in-chief has no objective regarding Iran other than to erase every trace he can of President Obama’s accomplishments, regardless of their merits and  regardless of what damage it does to our national interests, in part because it jerks off his racist base, partly to exercise his own bigoted impulses, and partly because it must gall his ass that a brilliant black man was able to accomplish so much, against such vicious, relentless Republican opposition, and how Trump pales in comparison. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it, including Trump, which must really sting.

The best explanation I can think of is that it may have dawned on The Donald that he was about to start yet a third war in the Middle East, and even his pea brain could deduce that this was a bad idea that even his base would choke on, since he ran on a promise to get us out of there, not in deeper. So, he punted, and turned to his next bad idea – separating children and their parents at the border – about which more next week.

(Not so) Sudden thought: Does it worry anyone else that, surrounded by his Secretary of State, outgoing Acting Secretary of Defense, incoming Acting Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor, gathered in a room discussing war with Iran, Trump was the least rabid?

And if you buy that nonsense that Trump pulled back because he learned at the last minute that there might be Iranian casualties from his approved attack, you are so young. Even if it is true, which it isn’t, why wouldn’t the question of possible casualties be addressed long before a decision to launch was made, and if not, why would his advisors not have raised it?

The Senate: Democratic leaders and voters are frustrated that so many well qualified potential candidates are opting not to run for the Senate. I’m disappointed too, but I can’t blame these people for choosing not to run. Who can blame them? Being a Senator is a colossal waste of time. What used to be an office of stature has become a vestigial appendage to our democratic system.

The Senate hasn’t functioned properly for about two decades, from its own mendacity and cowardice. The Senate is only fit for people like Mitch McConnell anymore, which is why so many Democratic Senators are running for president in hopes of getting out, and so few respectable Democrats want to get in.

Status of the States: South Carolina gets the cup this week, thanks again to Senator Lindsay Graham, who is a perfect fit for today’s Senate (see above), because he has spent the week cheering on the war crazies in Trump’s cabinet, and criticizing Trump for not wanting to start another war, against a strong adversary, in the Middle East. I genuinely despise these people who are so cavalier about sending our military off to fight and die in senseless, costly conflicts.

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