Thoughts on Events the Week of July 1

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on July 11, 2019

Supremes: We saw an egregious example of full-blown judicial partisanship on display at the Supreme Court last week. Historically, individual states have attempted to deny equality to some of its citizens, generally those most likely to vote against the majority in power, and the Supremes have stepped in to safeguard those equalities to everyone, on a national basis, in line with the Constitution.

No more. In the North Carolina case involving partisan gerrymandering, the Supremes told the state that it is okay if it wants to suppress the votes of its citizens for partisan advantage… since they’re only doing it within state lines, I suppose.

It was a staggering ruling. The Supremes completely abdicated their oath of office to apply the law and interpret the Constitution equally to all citizens. Justice Elena Kegan’s eloquent dissent represents how the Supremes should think and act.

The cynic in me thinks that John Roberts throws a bone to the Constitution occasionally to avoid destroying Supreme Court altogether so he can get away with issuing the extremely undemocratic decisions he obviously favors, and that really damage our democracy, such as this one, and Citizens United.

North Korea: It has been obvious for years that we are going to end up living with a nuclear armed North Korea, just as we are living with a nuclear armed Pakistan (and Israel), and there is nothing Trump, whatever his rhetoric, can do about it, because the alternatives are untenable. North Korea will never give up its nukes. Nukes are the only pot North Korea has to pee in. If they gave them up, Kim would be killed and eaten, and he knows it.

Therefore, Trump’s historic photo op when he crossed the DMZ into North Korea changed nothing. I wouldn’t have done it, but Trump goes into the history books, which I am sure is a monumental boost to his ego. I can just see him jacking off in the West Wing over this. Goody for him, but I suspect he is going to be in the history books over a lot of these he has done, which I dearly hope will include being the first president to go to jail after his term, for acts both before and during his presidency.

July 4th Holiday Celebration: This is embarrassing. Our politics have become so polarized that we are quarreling over Independence Day.

Our porcine President and potentate wannabe insinuated himself into the national celebration in D.C. He wanted to show America’s “military might,” so the military sparsely planted (not paraded) some “brand new” Sherman tanks (last used in the Korean War) around the Capitol like so many red rose bushes to appease the Queen of Hearts. Trump also gave an hour-long speech.

Someone should tell this prick that, since we are the largest military in world history, and bigger (and more overpriced) than the next dozen or so militaries on the planet combined, we don’t need to display our military might. Everyone already knows about it. Military parades are for weaker nations and tinpot dictators.

If Trump wants to give a speech, let him. At least it shows he can read, sort of. He may want to watch out for anachronisms, though. Airports during the Revolutionary War? Really? What a “great brain” student of history.

Status of the States: No cup this week (except for the World Cup the U.S.A. women’s soccer team hoisted). It’s July 4th Week, and all states are united and equal this week.

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