Thoughts on Events the Week of July 15

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on July 24, 2019

Racist in Chief: President Trump uttered the most disgraceful words I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a President of the United States, nor read about being said by any president since the Civil War.

“Go back to the country you came from” is the ultimate xenophobic, bigoted slur. It implies simultaneously that the person is “other,” not from this country, not a legitimate American, an enemy who wishes to harm us, and the wrong color to live here. It is a low as one can go, and it was spoken by the person occupying the highest office in the land. It is the widest possible gulf between Trump and his responsibilities.

Trump is a xenophobe, a bigot and a pig. He no longer bothers even to hide it. In fact, he is counting on it to win a second term, because he is right when he says that many people agree with him. If he prevails in 2020, we will be the “shithole country.”

Trump has the belief system, language and perceived grievances of Huck Finn’s Pap, but without Pap’s charm and grace. Southern writers Twain, and Faulkner after him, both understood that bigotry requires the fertilizer of victimhood to thrive. Such people must blame and put down minorities and immigrants, because their only asset is their whiteness, and they cling to that one advantage and feel it threatened by the success of the “others.”

It must gall and frighten them that four women of color have started from scratch in this country and have risen to the United States Congress. This brings into sharp relief the paucity of their status and lack of accomplishment, and so they curse those who are not white like them, which in my view only lays bare their inferiority and base nature.

Diary Entry: My youngest daughter and granddaughter came for a visit and it was delightful.

Diplomacy: I watched both Iran Foreign Minister Zarif and U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo on TV Sunday. One was calm, eloquent, rational and diplomatic, and the other was Mike Pompeo.

What must Europe and China and Russia be thinking about us? Trump screwed up royally by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement and now is pressuring them to cooperate with his sanctions, when the Iranians are in the right. Who would ever have thought that Iran would have a more disciplined and principled administration than ours?

Football: My summer of discontent is almost over. Football season will begin soon. Preseason articles, tv shows and replays of some of last season’s games are beginning to appear. I’ve begun watching some of them, and it has been a painful reminder of just how utterly terrible Oklahoma’s defense was last year. It was embarrassing.

Status of the States: South Carolina walks away with the worst state cup this week because Senator Lindsay Graham supported Trump’s racist comments to the max. What a pig part.

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