Thoughts on Events the Week of August 5

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A Fool’s Errand: After horrific shootings in Dayton and El Paso within 13 hours of one another, at least one of which was committed by a white, xenophobic bigot, Democratic politicians are demanding that President Trump repudiate his own hate speech and accept some responsibility of the uptick in violence against immigrants and innocents, incited by his words.

What a waste of time and breath. Trump is never going to take responsibility for anything. It’s simply not within him. Moreover, he clearly believes the bigotry he spews, and that it plays well with the most bigoted voters among his base. It remains for us to continually remind ourselves and everyone else between now and the next election what a racist pig our president is, because he’s never going to admit it himself.

Trump in his own words: When President Trump is reading from a teleprompter, we learn what some members of his communications staff are thinking. When Trump tweets and speaks at rallies, we learn what he is thinking. The two are worlds apart. Trump doesn’t enjoy speaking from a teleprompter, but he doesn’t really mind it either, because he knows his base knows he doesn’t mean a word of it.

Jeffery Epstein: was found dead in his prison cell. Let the conspiracy theories and cover-ups and finger pointing begin.

NFL Pre-season Football: Early in the NFL the pre-season, we see more players unlikely to make a roster than starters. I watch only the first two series of the first two pre-season games, because that’s when whatever skill position starters are going to play, do. Here’s what I saw this weekend.

Kyler Murray, the first pick in the draft and now starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, looked good. The Arizona Cardinals team looked terrible. It is a poorly managed franchise. Murray will win a few games for the Cardinals, if he can stay healthy. His offensive line couldn’t protect him from a defense of septuagenarians on crutches. Murray will be living out of the pocket, but that’s where he does some of his best work.

Daniel Jones, the rookie draft choice quarterback of the New York Giants from Duke looked good. He seemed like a reach where he was taken, but maybe not.

Baker Mayfield ignites his team. The Cleveland Browns opened with a no huddle, two-minute drill offense and ran through the Washington Redskins like a hot knife (for that is what Mayfield is) through butter.

Some were off put by this, because teams typically use basic offense and defense during the early pre-season games. But Cleveland’s coach announced to everyone, including the Redskins, that he was going to open that way, so they were forewarned. After the touchdown pass to end the series, Mayfield ran to the endzone to take an imaginary photo of his receiver, to let the receiver share in the applause, but it was Mayfield’s pass that made the play. This is how Mayfield motivates and elevates the play of his teammates. He is a natural leader.

The Dallas Cowboys treated their preseason game with San Francisco differently than most teams. Dallas kept many of its starters on the field for at least two series or more. Most other teams limited their starters to one series, and some teams didn’t use any starters at all.

The Cowboys starters looked pretty good, but the reserves not so much. The 49ers team was terrible, committing north of 15 penalties by the time I turned the game off, but the Cowboys looked even worse. I think San Francisco won the game, though I didn’t watch the whole thing.

I don’t have a problem with teams’ holding starters out of preseason games. The last thing an NFL team wants is to lose a starter to injury in a preseason game or in practice.

What I do have a problem with is teams’ charging regular season ticket prices for those games. Even worse, some teams, including the Cowboys, require regular season ticket holders to buy the preseason package or they can’t have the regular season tickets. Jerry Jones would call that “bidness;” I call it extortion.

Most teams used the games this weekend in the usual fashion (limited or no action for starters) with the usual, meaningless results. There were many, many penalties, including one on almost every kick-off returns. It seemed like there was an illegal block in the back on every kicking play.

If I were an NFL coach, I would direct my team never to run a kick-off return out of the end zone, and if the ball is kicked short, to the 10-yard line or shorter, to field it with a fair catch. What value is a kick-off return that usually results in a penalty of half the distance to the goal line?

Status of the States: The worst state cup goes to Texas this week, thanks to Senator John Cornyn, who stood by President Trump’s bigotry word for word. You could see by the look on Cornyn’s face that he was lying, knew he was lying and did it anyway, to appease Trump. Cornyn will face an opponent in the 2020 election. I guess he is trying to hold the Trump base with this kind of position. It may work in Texas one more election cycle, but maybe not, and certainly not thereafter.

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