Thoughts on events the week of August 12

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I’m running about a week behind, because I was in hospital.

Israel: I was astonished when President Trump urged Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to deny entry to Israel to two United States Congresspersons – Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) – which Netanyahu did immediately, like the lap dog he is. I would never have conceived of such a thing happening, would you? It brings into sharp relief Trump’s prejudice toward Muslims and utter disregard for the United States House of Representatives.

To be clear, I can understand why Netanyahu might deny Tlaib and Omar entry into Israel on his own. The two Muslim women are sympathetic, as am I, to the plight of Muslims who are living under occupation in Israel. Still, that an American president would urge such a thing about American legislators to a foreign leader is incomprehensible.

I wouldn’t have done what Netanyahu did. It hasn’t gone down well with other U.S. Congresspersons, and Israel must deal with the U.S. House. It was a craven, stupid move. Can you imagine what Nancy Pelosi is going to say when Israel next comes looking for some help with something?

For the record, again, there was once no greater admirer of Israel than I, but those days are long gone. Israel is now high on the list of reprehensible governments in my view.

Trump’s re-election strategy: Pundits are saying Trump is basing his re-election strategy on a strong economy, and that is why he is worried. I doubt it. Trump’s re-election strategy is resentments, not the economy. He is playing to his base’s xenophobia, religious prejudice and bigotry. Economically, Trump’s base is already being screwed like a tied goat and they are still with him. Trump just wants to keep them juiced up about blacks, immigrants and Muslims.

Greenland: President Trump announces he is interested in “buying Greenland” from Denmark. A bemused Denmark says Greenland is not for sale. Trump pouts and cancels a state visit to Denmark in a fit of pique.

Can you even believe this is a news story? The world turns on international diplomacy. Our president plays Monopoly, though not very well. Trump is utterly unhinged or the biggest doofus on the planet, or both.

“A lot of people say:” Trump uses this juvenile rhetorical gambit to try to give credibility to something he says that has none. Whenever he says this, you know that what follows is probably completely made up. Since most of what Trump says is untrue or completely made up, he uses this gambit all the time.

What does “a lot of people say” mean, anyway? How many are “a lot?” Five? A dozen? A million? And, what people? Technical experts? Random civilians off the street? Partisan hacks? Sycophants? Imaginary? When you hear the words “a lot of people say,” you are about to be conned.

Football: Few organizations are as image conscience as the NFL, and in recent years, the league has been getting bad press over concussions to players. The NFL has taken steps to address the issue, including rule changes to eliminate dangerous hits and better helmets to cushion the blows. After research and testing, the league certified about a dozen advanced helmet designs as safe and requires all players to wear one of the approved models.

As of this writing, there are about 2,300 players on NFL rosters, and all but one player is conforming to this requirement. The holdout is Antonio Brown, diva receiver for the Oakland Raiders. (Why is it that all the divas in professional football are receivers? The Raiders got a talented, bad penny.)

Brown is a jackass. He got away with it when he was in Pittsburgh, but he won’t even have a chance to get away with it in Oakland, because the league won’t let him, even if the Raiders would. The league is not going to risk its reputation over this guy. It isn’t going to happen. Frankly, I don’t think the Raiders are going to put up with this from Brown much longer either.

Status of the States: No worst state cup this week. As is becoming more and more frequent, what is going on in Washington trumps anything some odious piss ant state can think up.

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