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For my money, the most interesting show on television these days is Preacher, which is in its final season, because of its absolute weirdness. It is AMC content (Seth Rogen is one of the producers). Start with the pilot. It’s a good yarn how the three protagonists get together and their characters are established.

Like almost all content today it seems, this show is based on a comic book (there is no such thing as a graphic novel; it is a contradiction in terms), but this one is on top of the character weirdness heap, even by comic book standards, yet improbably more realistic, within the bounds of our Judeo Christian heritage. No improbable spider bites or secret formulas gone horribly wrong.

Zombies are a glut on the market and werewolves have no dialogue, so they’re useless. Vampires endure, so Preacher has one, even a coven (?) of them in season three, briefly.

Preacher, as you might expect, has God; but also competing gods; God wannabes; SAG scale God actors; a dog who may be god; a direct descendent of Jesus Christ, a potential Messiah, who, spoiler alert: is a bit of a disappointment to the established church; a god corporation; and the actual Jesus Christ.

We have angels of different stripes and allegiances. We have the Devil and some of his various and sundry minions, including his enforcer, who is not to be trifled with.

There is a contraband market in souls, which evoke loose nukes.

Action takes place in the present and occasionally the past, on Earth and in Hell (Hitler is there, and a young, unfortunate man who doesn’t belong there, which complicates order in the universe), as well as rural Texas, New Orleans, a Deep South plantation, and the Australian outback (apparently the lead actor is from there.) I’ll leave you to decide which is the most hellish.

The protagonist is Jesse, the preacher himself, who can speak with the voice of God, which comes in handy in many, but not all, situations.

Through it all, is a true love story, which at the bottom line is required to hold my attention in any television show or movie.

Check it out.

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