Thoughts on Events the Week of August 26

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Can you say Emoluments?: The instant I heard that the next G-7 Summit would be held in the United States, I knew that Trump would try to hold it at one of his properties for his personal profit. It turns out to be Doral Country Club, a typical Trump property, by which I mean it is in financial straits.

Likewise, I knew that Trump would try to invite Yesterday’s Man, Vladimir Putin to the event, especially after Macron invited Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to drop in on his event in Biarritz. (Macron to Trump, who has abused and humiliated the French President: “Kiss my rosy red Franco rectum.”) It kept Trump in his room for several hours until Zarif left, which was just fine with all the other G-7 leaders.

Neither of these things will happen, I predict. For one thing, the ACLU is certain to sue Trump over profiting from having the event at one of his properties. This corruption is too obvious even for today’s conservative courts to ignore. We are not Hungary or Turkey, yet.

Also, the venue would give any world leader who wants to avoid the meeting – and I think there are several – the simple, credible excuse of saying they do not want to participate in a violation of U.S. Constitutional law. The G-7 is so sick of Trump, some of the leaders may just decide to skip this one. Wouldn’t that be glorious?

Camp David is made for these kinds of meetings. It should be the default venue.

I almost wish Putin would be invited by Trump, but he won’t be. The optics of having Putin on American soil just weeks before the presidential election, when the news will be full of how Russia is meddling with it, will drive the last railroad spike into Trump’s election chances.

Was this Israel’s Tipping Point with the U.S.?: When President Trump urged Israel to deny entry to two Democratic, Muslim female members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complied, I heard something crack.

Historically, Israel has strived to maintain good relations with both major American political parties. They considered it essential to maintain U.S. support in the interest of their own national security, and it has worked well for them. With an Israel-friendly president in Trump, and Israel’s extreme shift to the right, Netanyahu abandoned the policy and insinuated Israel in our politics squarely on the Republican side.

That has ripped fabric of our bipartisan relationship with Israel asunder. Netanyahu has removed Israel its special place in American hearts and minds, which Israel has coveted and nourished carefully, and placed it among other garden variety partisan political issues.

As you can imagine if you read my writings, I am fine with this. I want a more objective approach to Israel. I have little regard for the illiberal, oppressive state Israel has become.

Trump is right about one thing. I think that there are some American Jewish voters (and some evangelical ones), whose opinions regarding American politics are heavily influenced by their regard for Israel, sometimes too heavily, at the expense of U.S. national interests. However, this is changing. According to polls, many younger American Jews are off-put by Israel’s abandonment of liberal democracy, which an older generation of American Jews has accepted uncritically.

Enemy of the Donald: Trump asked rhetorically which is the greater enemy of the U.S., Chinese President Xi Jinping or Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell.  The answer, of course, is neither. But since Trump is now back to kissing Xi’s ass, we must infer that in Trump’s mind (I can’t believe I just associated Trump with a mind), the answer to his rhetorical question is Powell, who Trump appointed to his post in the first place. What a putz!

Atomic Hurricanes: Remember those 50s sci-fi movies where nuclear weapons testing produced giant ants and spiders that threatened mankind, or at least the leading lady? That’s the level of fantastical nonsense where the idea of nuking a hurricane fits, only with worse results. Yet this is the level of scientific sophistication that our president possesses. Trump doesn’t know shit from Shinola, but he knows the launch codes

Dorian: Speaking of hurricanes, when this one was heading toward Puerto Rico, Trump’s response was to cut $150 million from FEMA’s budget, troll the entire island and smear the mayor of San Juan, personally.

Now that Dorian has bypassed Puerto Rico and is, as of this writing, heading toward Florida, which has many Republican voters, a Republican Governor and two Republican senators, Trump is giving it a lot more attention. His attitude toward Puerto Rico’s possible plight was pure racism, but it is a good thing he is responding to Florida’s possible dangers. FEMA needs to be ready to provide aid to Florida. I’ll comment on the actual events and result on next week’s blog.

Channeling Trump, this hurricane is his fault. I’ve got to blame someone. Trump pulled $150 million from FEMA’s budget before the hurricane came, so it’s his fault. You see the logic of this, don’t you?

Bill Barr’s $30,000 Christmas Party at Trump Hotel: The Attorney General is throwing a Christmas party for 200 friends (can you believe this guy has 200 friends?) at Trump’s DC hotel, at an estimated cost of $30,000. Dems and the media are having a fit over it.

Hey, it’s Barr’s money and his party and he can have it wherever he wants. You’re chasing shiny objects, guys.

Other than the odious optics, the only problem I see for Barr is that he has his lips pressed so tightly against Trump’s ass, he won’t be able to sip the eggnog.

Crimes and not Punishment: It’s been reported that Trump has ordered his staff to do everything, including illegal acts if necessary, to expedite building his border wall. He told them if they should get caught committing crimes, he will pardon them. (The White House denies this, but it is certainly true.)

This obscene statement, itself a crime, taken ad absurdum, means that Trump could order Mike Pence to shoot Wilbur Ross and Trump would pardon Pence. Tempting, but, no. (Now, if it were the other way around, I might have to think about it. Just kidding.)

Status of the States: Three of the worst states are worthy of the cup this week, but it goes ultimately to Texas, hands down. This is because the very next day after a mass shooting spree in Midland-Odessa, eight new laws came into effect in Texas reducing restrictions on guns. One of these laws permits guns in churches and on school grounds, for Christ’s sake.

I promised myself that I would not comment on gun control until I had some good news to report, but good news does not seem forthcoming any time soon, and I am sick to death of this shit. Mass shootings are an epidemic all over the country. America is beginning to resemble Sarajevo or Beirut in the 80s and 90s. Google them.

I lived in Texas for years. I have many friends there. I have a daughter and a granddaughter living there, and I am concerned for the safety of every one of them.

 Let me be clear: none of the remedies suggested by timid Democrats, obstructionist Republicans or our worthless president, or all of them combined, is nearly enough to address the problem. When there are this many Americans willing to take out a gun and shoot a bunch of people, we must get rid of the guns. No matter how nativist, mentally ill, homicidal or suicidal someone is, if there is no gun around, they cannot shoot anyone with one. It’s that simple.

I want to see a minimum of 80% of all guns in America, including anything that remotely resembles a military weapon or a Saturday night special, removed from our society. I want a mandatory buyback of these weapons, and, channeling President Trump, have the NRA pay for it.

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