Thoughts on Events the Week of September 2

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Brexit: Having watched President Trump abuse and ignore our Constitution so egregiously, you might have wondered how much worse he could be if we didn’t have a Constitution to keep him in check? Well, to get an idea of what it might be like, look no further than the UK and Brexit. Britain has no constitution, about which Brits take curious pride, and during their inconceivable Brexit cockup, they are paying a price for it.

I would argue that their Brexit problem is richly deserved. It is the result of some of the worst government misfeasance and voter stupidity I have ever witnessed. It is all but national suicide. It resembles Jonestown more than parliamentary government. It tops even our election of Trump.

Interestingly, both Brexit and Trump came to be for the same repulsive reason: xenophobia, fear of foreigners. Trump exploited the ignorance of his base about immigrants, and UK voters approved Brexit because they were off put by Eastern European laborers being able to come to and work in their country. (I’ve heard this fear expressed from Brits who should know better.)

Both the UK and we are getting what we deserve from our ignorance and mean spiritedness.

In real time, Parliament’s dithering is farce. They’re arguing over when the UK should leave the EU and on what basis, when it’s questionable whether they even have the last say in it. The EU does. The UK needs a Mulligan, and if that fails, they should just dissolve the country as well as Parliament. It’s over for them as a respected world player pretty much after this anyway.

Social Media: can be informative and entertaining, but at a price: truth and privacy. The price is too high for me, which is why I don’t participate, and never will, though, as I remind myself and others, never is a long time.

If we ever start throwing some of the social media executives who are stealing our truth and privacy in jail, I may reconsider. If they are just paying fines, from shareholder profits, no way.

A Gerrymander undone: The North Carolina state supreme court threw out the state’s obscenely gerrymandered state legislative districts and has ordered new, neutral maps redrawn in the next couple of weeks. Gerrymandering is arguably the greatest affront to our voting rights. North Carolina has been one of the worst, and this is welcome news.

Interestingly, advocates chose to ignore the about reactionary federal judicial system, and to fight it out in their state courts. This may offer a road map for other states that want to shake the gerrymandering habit.

Walmart: Some good news about gun control. The retail giant has made some changes in its gun and ammo sales policies aimed at reducing gun violence. I think they deserve a shout out for this.

I was surprised to learn what a small share Walmart has of the gun market, only about 2%. On the other hand, Walmart is a big player in ammo sales – almost 20% of the national total. They are going to cease selling ammo for handguns and bullets used in assault rifles. This is big business for Walmart, and they will take a financial hit for this move. I’m proud of them.

The net effect on gun sales, and even ammo sales will probably be negligible – there are other sources for both – but the psychological effect could be profound. Walmart’s target is the gun owner target too, and fact that Walmart is taking these steps may indicate a change in thinking about gun control.

Walmart will continue to sell guns and ammo used for hunting, and I am fine with this…so long as the purchasers obey conservation rules and regulations. But keep doing those background checks, Walmart. And thank you.

Ad homonyms: Depending on how you characterize my comments on Trump’s mental and emotional deficiencies, I think you must agree that I try to avoid ad homonyms. I think they have no place in debates or civil discourse. However,I am about to indulge myself in one.

Have you seen the ass on this president? There hasn’t been an ass that big in the White House since Taft entered in 1908.

William Howard Taft weighed 340 pounds! That’s more than 100 pounds heavier than any other president, if you believe Trump weighs 238 as he says, and if you do believe that, you’re stupid enough to have voted for him, but I hope and you’re not.

Football: Zeke got his money, a big fat $90 million paycheck that will re-set the running back market. He is in the Dallas Cowboys camp. Thing are looking up for the Cowboys. Now, if we only had a coach. (I will never stop harping on this until Jason Garrett is gone, which he should have been at least four years ago, and counting.)

Skip Bayless was right when he predicted this deal would be done by Tuesday, September 3. He was spot on.

The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Giants with Zeke on the field and trounced the Giants. They looked great on offense, and a little less that I expected on defense.

Reality paid at visit to the Cleveland Browns, who got trounced by the Tennessee Titans. Baker Mayfield had a bad day, and without his usual spark, Cleveland stunk. It was a reminder that, overall, Cleveland is still a mediocre team (admittedly an improvement over the last few years), despite all the hype, and they have an unproven coaching staff.

Kyler Murray also had an off day with the Arizona Cardinals, but after a disastrous first three quarters, Murray brought the team back to tie in regulation and tie in overtime. Spoiler alert: The Cardinals still stink on ice. They are worse than Cleveland, much worse. And their coach has no business in the NFL.

The Oklahoma Sooners hung 70 on South Dakota and looked stronger than a bear’s breath doing it. You can’t tell much from a game like this, but what you can tell is very encouraging.

I watched the best college game of the weekend – LSU at Texas – which the Tigers won. (I have told myself I don’t know how many times when Texas is playing a non-conference foe that it would be good for the Big XII’s reputation if Texas won, and I should be pulling for them, but I just can’t do it, because Texas.)

It was a good game, living up to the hype. Both teams played very well. LSU threw a lot more than they used to in this game, and they had success with it, so I’m thinking we should be able to pass on Texas. Now, can we stop them with our defense? Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger is good. We’ll see.

Status of the States: Arizona, my own personal state, gets the cup this week, because convicted felon and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, thanks to a pardon from President Trump, is free and has announced he is planning to run for Sheriff, again.

Arizonans should be embarrassed that this guy is even allowed out in public. His very existence violates local laws of public indecency and littering, since he is trash.

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