Thoughts on Events the Week of September 9

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on September 19, 2019

John Bolton Quit/fired (a Wonkette term of art): On the whole, this is a good thing. Bolton wants to nuke everybody, and not necessarily just countries. He is truly nuts.

It was never going to work out between Trump and Bolton anyway. Bolton is a crazed war mongering hawk, and Trump is a bully and a coward. Trump has no excuse for this poor hire. He had to know what Bolton stood for; Bolton proclaimed his craziness daily. Why did Trump appoint him since their respective views are so far apart? Ask Fox News, I suppose.

Socialism: Our discourse on this subject would be better informed if more Americans learned what “Socialism” actually means. Hint: it’s Googleable.

A recent poll indicated that 43% of Americans say they would favor “some form of socialism.” This is fortunate for them, because that is exactly what we have. Think Social Security, think Medicare, think Medicaid. That’s “some form” of Socialism. What ignorance!

The political and economic systems of almost every country in the world, certainly constitutional and parliamentary ones, have some mixture of capitalism and socialism. In our country, the mixture favors capitalism over socialism. We prefer military waste and tax breaks for hedge fund managers over health and welfare. In my view, things should be tilted the other way radically, more radically than any progressive Democrat has ever dared to suggest.

Republicans are too mean, Democrats are too timid, but with this exception, the difference between Republicans and Democrats, in my view, is frighteningly small. You can throw a nickel over both of them.

Football: The game between my beloved Oklahoma Sooners and UCLA went as I expected. I had watched both teams play previously, and it was obvious OU was the better team by far. The Sooners hung almost a half a hundred on them, and they had called off the dogs midway through the third quarter.

I think OU is likely to be able to outscore all of its opponents regardless of how poor the defense is, just like last year, except this year the defense is a little – not a lot, but a little – better, which may help get us further along in the playoffs. We’ll see.

The Dallas Cowboys seemed to play rather poorly against the Washington Redskins Sunday, but quietly they rang up 31 points and beat the Redskins handily by 10. This was a road game win against a division foe, so it was an impressive thing, though it didn’t seem so much like it at the time. The defense is underperforming.

I’ve been following the Cleveland Browns because of Baker Mayfield. The Browns beat the New York Jets, who have a serious quarterback problem, handily.

That said, I think the Browns have their own problem of unrealistic expectations. The Browns now have some good skill position players, but they are not a good football team. Their lines are mediocre, and they play with no discipline, which is a coaching issue. They need to draft some linemen and keep a close eye on their new head coach.

Status of the states: There has been so much malfeasance and misfeasance among the worst states that it is hard to keep up with it, and hard to choose which is the worst, so this week I am going to double up to stay current, and give cups to two worst states: Texas and Kansas.

Texas gets one because State Representative Briscoe Cain threatened violence against Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke via Twitter (“My AR is ready for you”) after O’Rourke proposed a mandatory buy-back program to eliminate assault weapons.

O’Rourke did the right thing, immediately informing the FBI of the tweet, who I am sure will visit Cain about it. Twitter took Cain’s tweet down, because “It violates our rules for threats of violence,” a company spokesperson said. Duh!

Kansas gets a cup too, because of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who supports every word that comes out of President Trump’s lying mouth. Pompeo is smart enough to know better, but he is utterly without principle when it comes to his own ambition.

A profile piece on Pompeo in The New Yorker by Susan Glasser, one of my favorite journalists, tells you everything you need to know about this guy.

Pompeo is very smart, but he is also pathologically ambitious, with the result he abandons all principle and common sense to further his own career, with no regard for the country he has sworn to serve.

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