Thoughts on Events the Week of September 16

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on September 26, 2019

Whistleblowers: In my experience, no matter the laws, or however much lip service is given to protecting them, things always end badly for the whistleblower, whatever the outcome of the issue. By now, every potential whistleblower must realize that they are putting their careers, reputations, even their lives in danger. It’s a wonder anyone ever does it. It requires courage and commitment to duty.

Apparently, someone has blown the whistle on Trump, and the president is already smearing the whistleblower as a partisan hack, though he admits he doesn’t even know who the whistleblower is. What’s it going to be like for this poor person when she or he is identified?

Greta Thunberg: came from Sweden to address the U.N. and shamed us all. When she said, “How dare you?” I winced. It was a vivid reminder of how badly our “elites” have been serving us for many years, and how poorly we have been serving ourselves.

Football: The Dallas Cowboys, having avoided the malaise for the first two games, began the third game by playing down to the level of their competition. But they pulled themselves out of it, covered the spread and won handily.

Things will become a lot tougher starting next week, when Dallas will begin facing stiffer competition. I’m eager to see how they will do against the Saints (in New Orleans, but without Drew Brees), and Green Bay (at home) over the next two weeks.

Cleveland and Arizona: I’ve been keeping an eye on both of these teams, because each has a University of Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winner and first round draft pick at quarterback, and I see some comparisons and contrasts between the two.

First, both Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield are playing for a bad football team, particularly Murray. Cleveland is better than Arizona, but it’s only a matter of degree. The Browns have some good offensive weapons, at least, but their lines are terrible, and their coach has instilled no discipline. Penalties and mistakes are their hallmark. Arizona is just bad all over from the owner on down.

Both quarterbacks have struggled in their respective environments, and it will remain so until, in the case of Cleveland, they draft or trade for some line help, and in the case of the Cardinals, Hell freezes over. Both quarterbacks are at risk for being maimed by opposing defenses before help can arrive.

A contrast, and this works against Mayfield, is that in Cleveland, expectations are sky high. They shouldn’t be for they cannot be met with this team, but they are. In Arizona, there are no expectations to speak of. Fans know what they have: a sorry franchise. All they can do is feel sorry for Murray, and even more so for Larry Fitzgerald, who has had a long, distinguished, Hall of Fame career, toiling in the stony fields of mediocrity throughout.  

My beloved Oklahoma Sooners were idle this week.

I think there should be a new statistical category regarding the passing game in addition to just attempts, completions and incompletions. I’d call it “Drops.” These occur when a quarterback hits the receiver and the receiver drops the ball. The quarterback shouldn’t be saddled with that drop alone.

Sure, it’s subjective, just like errors in baseball, but it doesn’t change anything on the field. It’s still an incompletion, the responsibility for it is just more justly attributed.

Diary Entry: I turned 77 this week, bringing me uncomfortably close to my life expectancy date.

Status of the states: Who cares? All the action is in D.C. this week.

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