Thoughts on Events the Week of September 30

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on October 10, 2019

Smear: President Trump spent much of the week smearing, insulting and lying on Twitter, in media interviews and on the White House lawn. There is nothing unusual about this. Trump is a one trick pony. His response to everything is to smear, insult and lie. 

This time seems a little different, though. This time, Trump’s antics are in response to the House’s opening an official Impeachment inquiry, and it seems to have rattled him badly. His tweets are wilder, his language is more vulgar, and his claims are more hyperbolic and fanciful. He is not handling this well. It’s possible he will melt down completely. It would be convenient, so it is probably not how we will get rid of him.

It was opined this week that Trump will resign before being Impeached, even before the Senate trial, but I doubt it. He knows he could end up in jail when he leaves office. But I like my prediction that the weight of scandal, corruption and vulgarity will wear him down before the election.

Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners pounded Kansas, as they should have. I’m bemused by the animosity between these two teams. I don’t understand why the Kansas players refused to shake hands with Baker Mayfield at the coin toss before their game a couple of years ago. Kansas is better behaved than that.

Up next is the great rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas. Both teams look very good this year. I expect it to be the best OU-UT game in some time, but I think OU is the better team. Strong as they are, I think Texas is weak at defensive back, and that will prove fatal for them against OU’s offense. We’ll see.

The Dallas Cowboy laid another egg on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. I was not surprised. Arron Rodgers has Dallas’ number. So, the Cowboys are 3-2, having beat three sorry teams and lost to two good ones. Typical. Dallas seems to be able to beat anyone who isn’t very good. It will be ever thus until they get a new coaching staff, and even then, it is problematical, for who among serious coaches will work for the Jones boys? Next up for Dallas is the Jets, which game I expect them to win.

The Cleveland Browns eked out a win, and the Arizona Cardinals lost again. Both teams are suffering from the same malaise. They have some skill players now, but they are terrible overall.

Status of the States: Another double win for South Carolina and Kansas, since both Senator Lindsay Graham and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are in an ass kissing – not kicking – contest to see which can put the biggest hickey of support on Trump’s criminal ass.

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