Thoughts on Events the Week of October 7

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Betrayal: In the most egregious betrayal of his presidency to date (which is really saying something;  Trump betrays everyone, eventually), Trump removed the buffer of U.S. troops standing between Turkey and our faithful ally, the Kurds, who have been fighting for us against ISIS in Northern Syria, knowing the Turkish dictator Erdogan would attack the Kurds immediately, invading Syria to do it. All a tin pot dictator has to do is say “Pretty please, you good looking, virile man,” and Trump is putty in their hands.

For the record, I agree with Trump on getting out of the “endless wars” in the Middle East (failing to do this was President Obama’s second biggest mistake). We are behaving as if it were 1095 AD, and we are on a feckless, religiously intolerant crusade. If we would stop poking the Islamic bear with a stick, the regional players would go back to fighting each other and leave us alone.

But the Kurds are the exception. They are arguably our most faithful and dependable ally in the entire region. Our other “allies” there are frequently anything but. The Kurds have helped us fight terrorism, and, whatever your views on the value of that, they have stood by us. The least we could do is stand by them. Not to mention that Trump’s betrayal opens the door to Turkey, Iran and Russia.

We have betrayed the Kurds previously, most recently by President George H.W. Bush – the idiot father of an idiot son – in Iraq. It’s inconceivable we would do it again, but we have.

Now that Trump has exposed the Kurds to slaughter in Syria, he is threatening to impose sanctions on Turkey to induce them to stop what Trump has already said they can do, which is a cruel joke. Trump knew exactly what Erdogan was going to do. Erdogan asked Trump to remove our troops specifically so he could do it. Trump has created this cover so Erdogan can get away with it.

Accepting sanctions is a price Erdogan is willing to pay to save Trump face and commit genocide on the Kurds. Shame on us. Turkey under Erdogan is no friend of ours or democracy. A better solution would be to kick Turkey out of NATO and see how they like dealing with Russia on those terms.

Ukraine: It’s not surprising that this country has become a focal point for Trump malfeasance investigation. Ukraine is a top priority for Putin, so lap dog Trump was bound to be in it up to his neck. Anything any dictator wants, but especially Putin.

Monarchy: By claiming that the House’s impeachment proceedings are unconstitutional, Trump has asserted he is above the Constitution, which he, and his attorneys, have clearly never read. The one thing the Founding Fathers seem to have most feared was interference from foreign powers, and the attempted establishment of a monarchy. They put up all kinds of clauses in the Constitution to prevent that. I think we no longer need fear a foreign monarch being place on a throne in the U.S., but Trump seems to want to place himself there. Let’s hope the Constitution’s clauses hold fast.

Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners beat the Texas Longhorns in much way I expected the game to go. We were simply the better team this year. The score was 34-27, but the game was not that close. Had OU’s quarterback, Jalen Hurts, not made two uncharacteristic turnovers early in the game, it would have been a rout. As it was, Hurts had more total offensive yards than the entire Texas team!

The best thing about the game for OU, though, was the play of the Sooner defense. Grinch had a great plan: Take the one guy who can beat you out of the game and take your chances with the rest. OU put a spy on Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger and it paid off handsomely. Ehlinger was sacked nine times. Better still, OU’s defense played with an urgency not seen in years.

I can no longer say that the Dallas Cowboys can beat anybody who isn’t very good, but not anyone else. Sunday, Dallas lost to the winless dog ass New York Jets. The Cowboys have returned to the mediocrity that has characterized the team for years. Players are in place. The problem, as it has been, is coaching, and Dallas will remain this way until they get a new coaching staff.

But even this may not help, for what good coach will work for Jerry Jones? Jones said after the game when asked about replacing coaches that he wasn’t thinking that far ahead. But that’s the problem. What the hell was Jerry doing talking to the media? That’s the coach’s job. Can you imagine Robert Kraft shoving his face in front of the media’s cameras talking Xs and Os?  Probably the best answer to the problem will be for the Jones boys to sell the team.

In the last couple of weeks, the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals have flipped the script. The Cardinals have one two and the Browns have lost two. The situation remains the same for both teams, however. Each has a good, young, though still inexperienced quarterback and lousy teams overall.

Status of the States: Texas gets the worst state cup this week because another Metroplex police officer shot another innocent black person to death while she was minding her own business in her own apartment. Jesus.

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