Thoughts on Events the week of October 14 (except about football, which will come in a separate blog)

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The World Record for Worst Screw-up: Trump seems to want to hold the record for everything. Trump insists everything he has or does is the biggest, best, greatest, etc. The biggest crowd. The best mind. Even down to the best chocolate cake. Everything.

Presently, Trump is trying to surpass President George W. Bush’s record for screwing up the Middle East the most, with his capitulation to Turkey’s strongman Erdogăn. Close, Trump, but no cigar. Bush still holds that record with his invasion of Iraq, at least until the Kurdish debacle plays out. (My very favorite neighbor objects to my characterization of Dubbya. Sorry, Margaret.)

I admit I am engaging in a graceless ad homonym by making fun of Trump’s oddly round mouth, but I can’t help myself. Apparently, evolution anticipated Trump. His mouth is perfectly shaped for sucking the dicks of dictators and despots.

Speaking of Screw-ups: In the first of two startling admissions, Mick Mulvaney stood before the press, TV cameras and live mics, and confessed that Trump had, in fact, extorted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and told us all to “Get over it.” We didn’t.

Having implicated Trump in a crime, Mulvaney tried to walk it back. I’m sorry, Mick, but you can’t walk back a confession. You’re screwed on the record.

Then on Sunday morning on Fox News, by way of explaining away Trump’s attempt to hold the G-& Summit at his struggling Doral property in Florida (See topic below), Mulvaney said, “At the end of the day he (the President) still considers himself to be in the hospitality business.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that most Americans, with the exception perhaps of Trump’s family and his criminal cronies, expected their President to be time.

No less an authority on stupidity than Sean Hannity said Mulvaney is dumb. It’s true, though stupidity is not Mulvaney’s worst characteristic, nor Hannity’s for that matter.  (Is it just me, or is Fox News beginning finally to grow a little weary of supporting Trump mindlessly?)

Doral Debacle: I was spot on when I predicted that Trump’s plan to hold next year’s G-7 Summit at his golf club would never happen. After announcing it officially this week, Trump punted quickly, due to the outrage it evoked. In this case, the outraged did Trump a favor. This was such an egregious and obvious violation of the Constitution that Trump might have gone to jail over this one. Maybe people will start looking harder at other violations of the Emoluments Clause that Trump commits every day.

The Summit should be held at Camp David, otherwise, Trump might try to extort some private property owner to hold the Summit at their place. Camp David is designed for this kind of thing, and we the people already own it.

As he was capitulating, Trump cried like a baby that his opponents were engaging in “irrational hostility.” For once Trump got something at least half right. I have great hostility toward him. As for the irrationality, however, I don’t see anything irrational about wanting to obey the Constitution, which Trump obviously has no interest in doing since there’s no money in it for him.

Bill Barr: is a pig. He looks like a pig and he behaves like a pig. It is hard to imagine that this guy was once reputed to be decent and honest, when in fact he has proven to be an extreme groveling sycophant. I suppose standards are different in Washington than they are elsewhere. Just kidding. Of course they are.

Barr announced that he was “expanding” the pointless investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, whose origins are above board and already definitively established.

This nonsense evokes Benghazi, and the five, count ‘em, five investigations foisted upon us at tax payer expense by Trey Gowdy, another pig part and former Congressperson from South Carolina (where else?), with no conclusion other than the official State Department report, or a single piece of new information.

Yet Gowdy pressed on, because he had no real purpose other than to smear Hillary Clinton. Barr’s investigation falls into this genre. He is smearing Joe Biden for his boss.

We’ve had some genuinely smarmy Attorneys General in the past, mostly Republicans. One has gone to jail in my lifetime, and another couple probably should have. Barr hasn’t reached the level of criminal behavior, but he is up there with the most odious of them.

Status of the States: South Carolina. Mick Mulvaney. Trey Gowdy. Need I say more?

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