Football the Week of October 21

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on October 26, 2019

With a nod to My Cousin Vinnie, “What a fucking nightmare!” My beloved Oklahoma Sooners were thoroughly beaten by Kansas State 48-41, in a game OU was favored to win by three touchdowns and a field goal. And the game wasn’t nearly that close. OU had to score 18 points in the fourth quarter just to reach this embarrassing final score.

For the last several years, OU’s seasons have been characterized by three things:

  • A national championship caliber offense
  • An inexplicable loss to a woefully inferior opponent
  • A truly horrible defense, arguably the worst in college football

This has been true of teams coached by Bob Stoops and Lincoln Riley.

As the season began, it looked like things might be different this time. Jalen Hurts, OU’s quarterback transfer from Alabama, had numbers superior even to Murray and Mayfield through the first seven games. And the defense seemed much improved under new defensive coordinator Alex Grinch.

In this game, the offense was good (it scored 41 points, after all), but not great. There were many, many mistakes. The defense was unimaginably bad, again. It turned in a performance that would have made the awful defenses of the previous five years blush. KSU ran through the OU defense like fecal matter through the proverbial holiday fowl. And the kicking game added to the catastrophe with disastrous play in every phase.

When Riley hired Grinch, I was a little skeptical. His record, most recently at Ohio State, was good but not spectacular. But as this season unfolded, it was obvious that Grinch had the defense playing much better than it had in years. I was delighted and decided I had been wrong to worry about Grinch. He seemed to be doing great. Now I must step back and reevaluate. How could this defense be so unprepared?

And special teams, usually reliable enough to be taken for granted, couldn’t do anything right this game. Couldn’t punt, couldn’t catch, couldn’t kick-off, couldn’t hold onto the ball, couldn’t do anything.

So, we are back here again, back to the same old same old: squandering a Heisman caliber quarterback and a national leading offense on a miserable defense, and a failure to get up for an inferior foe. I thought this year was going to be different.

The Dallas Cowboys have a bye week, and I am so disgusted with football this week, I don’t plan to watch any more games, so this is it for my football blog.

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