Thoughts on Events the Week of October 21

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Baghdadi is dead: blew himself up when cornered by some of our special forces types. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He was a horribly warped and substandard human being. (He took three of his children to Allah with him when he blew up.)

Baghdadi has been holed up for five years, afraid to come out and wearing a suicide belt, anticipating this inevitable moment, I suppose. Can’t have been much fun for him. Good.

That said, in those circumstances, I suspect he has not been as much in control of, or even in contact with, ISIS as once he was. I wouldn’t expect this raid to have much practical impact on the terrorist group. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see him dead. Well done, troops.

Emoluments clause(s): President Trump railed against the “phony emoluments clause.” In fact, there are two of them – one prohibiting acceptance of gifts from domestic sources, and one prohibiting acceptance of gifts from foreign ones (I think the founding fathers worried about the latter more). Both, which Trump has violated incessantly, are clearly set out in our Constitution. Hard to argue they’re phony.

If I were in charge, I would require Presidents to take a course and pass a test on the Constitution before being inaugurated. It’s not a high bar to get over. Any high school student should be able to pass it. Someone please hand Trump a copy. I have one he may borrow.

Attorneys General and Prison: Last week, I wrote that one AG had gone to prison in my lifetime and one or two more should have. The one who did was John Mitchell, Nixon’s AG, who was sent to prison for 19 months for crimes he committed during Watergate.

An AG who should have gone to prison, but didn’t is Ed Meese, over the Wedtech fraud scandal. Meese was up to his armpits in it, was implicated but never indicted, though more than 20 others involved in the scandal went to prison. Reagan helped Meese run out the clock.

The curtain falls, time passes, and President Trump gives this horse part the Medal of Freedom, debasing the award, as he does everything he touches. Meese is typical of the type of person Trump can relate to, by which I mean crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

 exception to my general position that we should get out of the Middle East, except diplomatically, as completely as it is possible to get:

I no longer give a rodent’s rectum who governs Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. By “who governs,” and my indifference to it, I include disreputable groups such as ISIS, the, Taliban, al-Qaeda and Fox News. They’re equally odious. In fact, some citizens of several Middle East countries seem perfectly happy to be governed by such crazies, well except for Fox News. Not that crazy.

I don’t understand why we are quarreling with Iran, which at present, inconceivably, has a better government than we do. (Actually, I do understand. It’s because our president is a fool). And I think Saudi Arabia should be governed by anyone except who it is, but it’s not our call. (One day, the members of the House of Saud will be killed and eaten by its citizens, and I won’t miss a single one of them.) Egypt already has its oppressive, authoritarian, military strongman, which is why Trump leaves them alone, I suppose. That’s OK with me. They had their chance at responsible governance and blew it, not unlike Russia.

What’s most important about this region is that it is engaged in multiple, simultaneous civil and religious wars and there is nothing we can do to influence them, nor should we be trying.

Moreover, these groups and countries are so hateful of one another, that if we get out of the way, they will spend the rest of my lifetime fighting one another, not bothering us. The only reason they hate us now is because we are there, and I don’t blame them. We treat Islam like we are on a crusade, circa 1095 AD. We should have learned better by now.

The Colorado Wall: President Trump misspoke and said he was building his wall to keep immigrants out along Colorado’s border, which state is not on our border with Mexico. It was a minor misstatement, but it says so much about Trump that he could not, cannot, admit to a mistake, no matter how obvious and innocent. Instead, he concocted a rationale so lame as to be an embarrassment to us all.

Football: After the OU debacle, I vowed not to watch any more football this weekend, but I couldn’t help myself. I watched the New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns game, and I have some advice for the Browns’ owner. Fire everybody!

Fire the entire coaching staff. (What were you thinking hiring Kitchens as head coach, a job he’s never had for reasons?) Fire the General Manager, especially if it is yourself. Hire a competent GM, give him or her plenipotentiary authority, and get the hell out of the way.

This team is utterly without discipline, and you simply cannot win like that in the NFL. Kitchens can’t coach a team to line up to take a hike. Admittedly, the Browns were playing the Pats, the most disciplined team in football, so the comparison was particularly glaring in the circumstances, but the Browns always play without discipline regardless of their opponent. We’ve all watched them enough to see that.

The Worst State Cup: Texas Senator John Cornyn made a strong case for his home state this week, by excusing Trump publicly and repeatedly for all his crimes and misdemeanors, but the cup goes to Arizona, my own personal state, because…

Notorious anti-immigrant wingnut Jennifer Harrison, an Arizonan, was arrested for “taking the identity of another,” a Class 4 felony, a charge that Wonkette points out is, ironically, most often used against undocumented immigrants who get jobs using others’ Social Security numbers.  You gotta love the poetic justice in Harrison’s charge.

But Harrison had a good reason. She allegedly stole someone’s hotel points because she just had to attend the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento. I hope and expect it is Harrison who will have the aftershock.

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