Thoughts on Events the Week of October 28

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Impeachment Inquiry Rules Vote: Please don’t be so naïve as to think that the House vote to proceed with its Impeachment inquiry and establish rules under which the inquiry will be conducted will change anything, least of all that Republicans will now be satisfied. They will never be satisfied! They are not interested in truth or process; they are interested in obscuring the facts, which are odious. Republicans are all in with Trump, and they are going to follow him no matter what the facts, no matter what the evidence, no matter how Constitutionally important the issue. They can’t stop. They’re in too deep. May it ruin every damn one of them.

Republicans complained that there was no “formal” vote to proceed with an impeachment inquiry, though one is not required. Then they complained that the hearings were being held in secret and they were being shut out, though the investigating committees had numerous Republican House members who were present and participated. (You may note that none of these Republican members who were participating corrected their Republican colleagues on this point.)

So, Democrats took a formal vote, and agreed to hold public hearings (something they were always going to do anyway), so now Republicans are crying “it’s too late” because the initial hearing were held in private, though not only do the rules permit this, but this is exactly how things were done with the Nixon Impeachment inquiry, for good an sufficient reasons. Besides, the Democrats are going to publish the transcripts (about which more next week), which Republicans may come to regret they demanded.

The hypocrisy is astounding, but unsurprising. If it weren’t so sad and disgusting, it would be funny to hear what politicians (of both parties) are saying today compared to what they were saying during the Nixon and Clinton impeachment inquiries. But hypocrisy is so common among politicians that we have come to expect and accept it. We shouldn’t.

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman: sat in on the infamous phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky and gave some testimony about it damaging to the president. Since the testimony was unimpeachable, Trump’s allies, which include Fox News personnel, immediately defended Trump by attacking Vindman’s character, loyalty, politics and patriotism. Perhaps not a good idea to attack the loyalty and patriotism of an active duty military officer. Some people were put off by it.

To cite an example of how vile this defense of Trump (read smear campaign) has become, some Fox News bozo opined it is suspicious that Vindman speaks Ukrainian. Since Vindman was born in the Ukraine and his parents are/were Ukrainian, it shouldn’t be that suspicious that he speaks the language. Much more important, Vindman is the top Ukrainian expert on the National Security Council staff. You’d be excused for thinking it is a good thing that the top Ukrainian expert at the NSC would be able to speak Ukrainian, as it could come in handy. I think if I were president, I’d want my Ukrainian expert to speak Ukrainian, but that’s just me.

John Yoo (who I wasn’t aware could even show his face in public after his disgusting service to President Dubbya) hinted on Fox News that Vindman’s speaking Ukrainian might suggest espionage. These people are truly nuts, stupid, and despicable.

World’s Serious: I don’t do baseball, whose one virtue to me is that nothing will happen on the field to interrupt my conversation with friends in the stands. However, I watched a little bit of most of the World Series games this year, the first WS games I have watched in a decade, and I have two observations.

First, baseball is not immune to the problem of poor refereeing from which football is suffering. In Game 6, the umpires made an egregiously bad call at first base that, whatever the rule, defied common sense. After the obviously irrational call, the referees held a conversation lasting several minutes, and placed a telephone conference call with New York, though the play is unreviewable. Who hires these bozos? As I’ve told football fans, you can’t rely on referees for good judgement. You must keep it simple for them. This cock-up, as with many in football, is due to a poor rule combined with poor judgement.

Ironically, baseball is one sport where replay technology might help the game in an important way, if kept within limits. I’m not sure of this, but I think that holograph technology, focused on the strike zone at the front of the plate, might be able to call balls and strikes correctly every time. We see lots of questionable ball and strike calls, which would make me wonder what the umpire is doing back there, if I cared, which I don’t. But balls and strikes are important to get right I suppose, if you are a fan.

Second, and I had to learn this, all the games were won by the visiting team. This was a WS record at six games and the seventh was the same. Also, I got the impression that the Astros won the first six innings in all the games, but the Nationals won innings 7 through 9 in four of them, thus winning the Series.

Religion: Joe Biden was denied communion at a church in North Carolina, because the priest didn’t like some of his political positions. Stories like this strengthen my distain for organized religion, and for North Carolina, come to think of it. We’ve got to stop believing fairy tales, upon which all religions are based.

Who’s the moron? You’re the moron:  Wonkette says Ron Johnson is the stupidest Republican in the Senate. Not so. It’s James Inhof of Oklahoma. Johnson is just the most meanspirited jerk. Inhof is just plain stupid, Louis Gohmert caliber stupid.

 The Worst State: Kansas gets the cup again this week because Mike Pompeo again this week. Pompeo knows damn well that it was Russia, not Ukraine, that tampered with our election. He was briefed on it when he was CIA Director, and testified to that effect before a senate committee. That was then, this is now. Now that he is Trump’s Secretary of State, his liver lips are attached to Trump’s ass so tight he can only mumble his completely different tune. I wonder if the Senate will call him on his testimony 180. Since Moscow Mitch runs the senate, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Pompeo is a pig part. Kansas may deserve him, but we deserve better, and so does the State Department.

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