Thoughts on Events the Week of November 4

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Elections: Moscow Mitch woke up Wednesday morning with a Democratic governor in his blood red home state. What, he must be wondering, are the implications of what happened to an unpopular Republican candidate even in Kentucky, and what that might portend for other Republican politicians in other red states, even himself? Moscow Mitch wants to hang onto the Republican majority in the Senate, and suddenly that majority may be more at risk that he thought. It will be interesting to see in what direction he will go from here.

Will he rush to confirm as many more unqualified judges as he can before it’s too late? Or, will he decide maybe it’s time to sit down with Democrats and try to get something done that voters, beyond the red neck, ignorant, xenophobic, bigoted bozos who follow Trump blindly, might appreciate? My guess is he’s in too deep to change course now. Plus, he’s a prick.

That said about Moscow Mitch, it may not be the same for some other Republican Senators. We might see a course correction by some vulnerable ones, such as Collins or Murkowski or Gardner. Frankly, I think it is too late for them. Memories are not that short, and they have all made some odious votes in genuflection to Trump. (I am particularly hopeful we’ll have seen the last of Collins after 2020. She talks like a moderate but ultimately always votes like a right-wing nut.)

What I’m more curious to see is if some other Republican Senators are in for an unpleasant surprise. I’m feeling a little giddy over this week’s election results. I’ll come down to earth soon enough. But still, I can’t help wondering: What would, say, John Cornyn like to do after public service?

Gordon Sondland: suddenly realized, after reading other witnesses’ testimony, that he is in deep prosecutorial doo doo for lying to Congress under oath, a crime for which he could go to jail and for which Democrats would prosecute him in a heartbeat, and that he cannot buy his way out of for a million dollars. Suddenly, his memory was “refreshed” and he changed his testimony to the truth, which now corroborates what many other witnesses have testified to, namely that Trump was extorting Ukrainian president Zelensky for personal political profit and contrary to our national interest.

This is precisely why prosecutors – and in this case Democrats on House committees – take testimony individually and privately first, so that witnesses will not know what other witnesses have said and thus cannot coordinate their lies, which increases their incentive to tell the truth. For as we have seen, Trump supporters without such incentives will lie like rugs.

On a deliciously related matter, President Trump denounced Democrats for planning to hold public hearings this coming week. Seems like only yesterday that Trump’s Congressional ass kissers were denouncing Democrats for holding their initial hearings in closed session, demanding public ones. (As a matter of fact, it was only yesterday.) Which type of hearings are they complaining about, public or private? Republicans may be forgiven for wondering what the hell is going on and what they should do or say about it. They may also be ridiculed for their lying, hypocrisy and mendacity.

Tinkle: There’s a sweet fairytale that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. In a like manner, I suspect that every time Trump speaks vulgar, contemptuous smears about people in public – scum, enemy of the people, corrupt, fake news, Pocahontas, jerks, low life, etc. – a suburban female voter decides to vote for a Democrat next time.

Republicans put Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan on House Intelligence Committee: They did this because Jordan is a particularly fierce defender of President Trump, even more so than current Committeeman Devin Nunes, who, while also a fierce defender of Trump in the face of the indefensible, is a moron.

By delicious coincidence, this change in the Republican members on the committee occurred the same week that a second person – a college wrestling referee – said he reported sexual misconduct involving a former doctor for Ohio State’s wrestling program to Jordan when Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State. Jordan took no action and the abuse continued. (OSU acknowledges the abuse occurred, and a lawsuit is underway.)

This explains why Jordan is such a supporter of Trump. They have something in common; Both are down with sexual misconduct. And, it’s understandable why Trump would want such a kindred spirit defending him. So, to help cover for Trump in the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry, the Republicans are supplementing the moron with an outhouse rat.

The worst state: Well, it can’t be Oklahoma this week, because they announced they released almost 500 prisoners who were incarcerated for petty crimes, which would get you jailed in Oklahoma, especially if you are a minority, but no more. Oklahoma has reduced many such crimes to below misdemeanors, which means others won’t be jailed for them as well. With the second highest incarceration rate per capita among states, Oklahoma still has a long way to go to crawl out of the middle ages, but they are working on it.

Besides, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham’s odious behavior overwhelmed all other bad behavior in any other worst state this week, when he announced that he will not even read the transcripts of witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry. This is determined ignorance, which is the worst kind. I certainly don’t expect Graham to vote for impeachment of Trump. The president’s ass tastes too sweet and that’s where his lips are permanently placed. Still, I’m surprised he would admit that. It puts his mendacity on display vividly. South Carolina, you get the cup, because, well, you deserve it for electing this horse part.

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