Thoughts about Football the week of November 4

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 16, 2019

Wake up little Susie: The Dallas Cowboys played well enough to win but didn’t. The Minnesota Vikings played well enough to win and did. What was the difference? Well, it would have helped if Dallas had shown up for the first quarter instead of sleeping through it, as they seem to do in almost every game. Their first two possessions were anemic. If I remember correctly, each comprised one first down and then a three and out. On the Vikings’ possessions following each of those, they went through the Cowboys’ defense like fecal matter through the proverbial holiday fowl, with the result Dallas was down 14-0 before they answered the alarm. But that wasn’t the whole story. The Cowboys, when they woke, clawed back into the game. 

Sudden thought: Perhaps the Cowboys’ habitual slow starts occur because the coach’s pre-game pep talk puts the players to sleep. Garrett is a singularly uninspiring coach.

The Vikings had the right game plan: stop Zeke Elliot at all costs and take their chances with the rest. It was a smart plan, and it worked. Elliot had fewer than 45 yards. The Cowboys had the intelligent response, too. When they couldn’t get Zeke going against a loaded box, they passed heavily. Dak Prescott threw for more than 300 yards, and his receivers played well. Dallas’ defense played well overall, I thought, but needed to play better. Minnesota did well against them on the road.

With all that said, Dallas had a good chance to win the game at the end and completely blew it. With about a minute to go and Dallas at first and goal, the wunderkind offensive coordinator ran Zeke two times without result, which begs the question: if the run isn’t working and the pass is, why run instead of pass? Answer: the wunderkind, is a mediocre coaching mind, just like his head coach, else why would he be working there. (On the last desperate Dallas down, Dak through a pass that was doomed before it left his hand.)

We must infer that Dallas is, in fact, the middle of the pack team we all hoped it wouldn’t be this season but were afraid it would. This will continue until Jerry Jones swallows his gigantic ego and, if it doesn’t choke him to death, hire a competent coach and let him coach.

I had drafted a whole lot of good stuff about my beloved Oklahoma Sooners’ pathetic play against Iowa State, and some other games, but I deleted it accidentally, and I was too busy (read lazy) to redraft it.

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