Thoughts on Events the Week of November 11

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 20, 2019

Turkey: While many government officials were trying to preserve our democratic institutions, President Trump was feting Turkish authoritarian Yip-Yap Erdogan and all but French kissed him in public. In return, Yip-Yap thanked Trump for letting him murder our Kurdish allies.

Mad Hatter Hawk John Bolton said he could not see a reason Trump would help Yip-Yap. But there is an obvious reason: Russia told Trump to. Of course, there is the possibility that Trump was just confused and thought Yip-Yap was the “turkey king” and not the president of a country and hoped to charm him out of a free one for his Thanksgiving dinner.

Guilty on all counts: Another of Trump’s lying buddies, Roger Stone, is going to prison for doing a whole lot of lying to people you may not lie to. Lying is one of the things Trump and Stone have in common, which may be why they have hung together for so long. Stone will now go to jail for a long time or be pardoned, which I am not expecting, because it will look so bad. But if Stone isn’t pardoned, perhaps he may try to shave something off his sentence by telling the truth to the people you may not lie to for a change.

Marie Yovanovich: President Trump smeared this former ambassador to Ukraine before she was recalled for doing her job too well and getting in the way of his attempt to bribe and corrupt Ukrainian president Zelensky. As Yovanovich was testifying about this before Congress, Trump smeared her again in real time, which sent his Republican ass kissers into stunned, gulping silence. I am pretty sure it is impeachable.

Trump apparently considers his power over ambassadors to be absolute. He said he has the “absolute right” to appoint them. That’s not true. He has the absolute right to nominate them, but the Senate must approve them, so the right to appoint them, absolute or otherwise, doesn’t really exist with him. Somebody please give the man a copy of the Constitution.

Freedom of Speech: In a similar misunderstanding of the Constitution, Trump says he has freedom of speech like everyone else. Well, he is right about this. Setting aside the responsibility a president may have to use his speech wisely, Trump does have freedom of speech just like everyone else. But the freedom of speech is not absolute. Just ask Oliver Wendall Holmes. There are certain things one cannot do with that freedom, such as cry “Fire!” in a crowded theater, or intimidate witnesses, which Trump surely did when he smeared Yovanovich as she was testifying. (Maybe there’s a copy of the Constitution in the prison library.)

Was Barr genuflecting, or what?: To close out this sorry weekly saga, Attorney General William Barr got down on his knees for Trump again and told an audience that the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry undermines “voter intent.” This laughable statement fails on many levels, including the fact that Clinton got north of three million more votes than Trump in the presidential election. That is undermined “voter intent.” Poor choice of words, there, Barr.

Worst State: I’m giving it to Kansas this week and again because Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is from there, was previously an elected official from there, and Kansas should be ashamed of itself. Pompeo has been a disgrace to the State Department, to the extent he has been present at all. He has done little or nothing to fulfill his responsibilities there, because he has committed himself to doing Trump’s bidding and to hell with his department.

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