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Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 21, 2019

The NFL is a copycat league. When a team is successful with a new idea, or a retread one, other teams begin to copy it. Note the current universal popularity of the back-shoulder pass. (I am old enough to remember when the shotgun formation was introduced, and Tom Landry was adamant that the Dallas Cowboys would not use it. But the shotgun had benefits and it wasn’t long before Roger Staubach was backing away from under center on plays Landry devised.)

Currently, the league seems to be trending toward running quarterbacks after a long period of emphasis on pocket passers. (This shift seems a little odd to me, because the rules seem to favor the passing game so much. It’s almost impossible for defensive backs to cover receivers these days. Pass interference seems to be called if a defensive back so much as frowns at a receiver, and the penalties are onerous. One day, opposing quarterback and defensive back captains will shake hands at the coin toss and a referee will throw a flag.)

This new infatuation with running quarterbacks seems to have been inspired by their success in the college game. Colleges have produced a lot of them recently, such as Desean Watson, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, who are tearing it up in the pros now. (Murray would be tearing it up even more if his team didn’t stink on ice.) Texas’ Ehlinger and OU’s Hurts, among others, will likely be doing the same in the pros soon.

Ironically, the trend to running quarterbacks is also prima facie evidence that the treatment of Colin Kaepernick is flat-out racism perpetuated by the NFL owners, who are basically a pack of conservative pasty white guys. When he was playing, Kaepernick was by far the best running quarterback in the game. He stuck out among NFL quarterbacks, the rest of whom, apart from Aaron Rodgers, looked like they were mired in concrete comparatively. Being the prostitutes they are, who will play wife beaters if they are talented enough on the football field, teams should be climbing over each other to sign Kaepernick, but they are not. Shame on them.

Another current trend is “The Spin,” where runners and receivers spin around upon contact, rather than zig and zag as they used to. There is some logic in this. A lot of defensive backs and safeties are poor tacklers these days. They try to use their shoulders to knock runners over rather than wrapping them up with their arms. The offenses have noticed this and have started spinning. If the defensive backs aren’t using their arms, when the runner spins, there are no arms on either side to stop him.  

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