Football Thoughts the week of December 2

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 12, 2019

The Dallas Cowboys embarrassed themselves thoroughly, again, losing to the Chicago Bears Thursday night. They are a disgustingly underperforming team that doesn’t earn the money they are being paid. In this one thing, I sympathize with Jerry Jones, though he has brought it on himself by failing to create a professional football organization and keeping a less than worthless coaching staff around.

Inconceivably, as bad as they stink, the Cowboys could still get into the playoffs by virtue of playing in the worst division in the NFL. Even having lost to the Bears, and even if they lose to the Rams next week, which wouldn’t surprise me at all, should they beat Philadelphia the following week and win against the Washington Redskins the final week of the regular season, the would win the division. This ludicrous injustice will be rectified during the first game of the playoffs, however. I have watched a lot of pro football the last couple of weeks and there is not another team likely to get into the playoffs who won’t wipe up the floor with Dallas. Dallas is a zombie franchise.

The only good to come of this season is that Jones will finally get rid Jason Garrett. But I am skeptical this will help the team, for what good coach would work for Jones? It certainly won’t be Lincoln Riley, as so many people in Dallas are speculating. Riley has one of the best jobs in college football, and he’s already a millionaire. Why would he leave to coach in the NFL at all, let alone to coach the sorry Cowboys for a sorry owner? In the best of circumstances, an NFL head coaching job is a firing waiting to happen, and coaching for the Cowboys, where you won’t be fired, just emasculated, is even worse.

There was a palpable difference in the pattern of recent Oklahoma football when the Sooners beat Baylor, again, to claim the Bix XII championship for the fifth straight season and make the playoffs. The defense played well! For some time, the defense has been playing with more spirit and effort, but with only mildly perceptible progress. This game, things came together. The Sooners still gave up two long passes near the end of the game that allowed Baylor to stay in it. But other than those two plays, the Sooners were very good on defense. One might argue the defense played better than the offense this game. Kudos to the Grinch.

Las Vegas, and everyone else, has already written OU off against the #1 ranked LSU Tigers in its playoff game. The Sooners opened as a 10-point underdog. But with a defense that is improving and an outstanding offense, OU should not be so easily dismissed. It could be a very good game.

One thing is certain, whatever the playoff outcome. Oklahoma is one of the truly elite football programs in the country. Winning consistently over time is the true measure of a championship program, and OU is always in the playoff picture, along with very few other terrific programs. Being a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners is a fortunate fan to be.

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