Thoughts on Events the Week of December 2

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 12, 2019

NATO: President Trump returned to Europe for another NATO meeting as we winced, worried what he was going to say to embarrass us. But things were different this time. Trump did say some embarrassing things, but no one in NATO was paying any attention. It is apparent that Europe has decided to move on without Trump, or at least wait until he goes away to engage with us. So little do the NATO country leaders think of Trump that they made fun of him behind his back. Poor Trump, having the world’s biggest but most fragile ego, and the world’s thinnest skin, huffed off in a snit. Our president snits. What a sniveling pussy. My daughter Megan introduced me to this website, and it has become a favorite. It is liberal, saucy, feminist, as you might imagine from the name, irreverent, and suits me right down to the ground. It describes a lot of rightwing activity and politicians in ways they deserve to be described, praises good works, and always offers a happy ending, frequently visuals of cute furry animals at play.

Note: the language is typical of that used between Ambassador Sondland and President Trump, but to better effect. Wonkette is self-funded and they will ask you for, but not require, a small donation if you read their stuff. I often throw in a few dollars to help them out, because any site that calls Lindsay Graham guilty of “fuckery,” deserves support.

Worst State: Everybody is picking on poor Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, but only because he deserves it. I’m giving the Lone Star State the cup this week.

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