Thoughts on Events the Week of December 16

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 23, 2019

Impeached!: So, President Trump has been impeached. Whatever happens now, he will go down in history as one of those rare disgraced presidents whose behavior was such that a House of Representatives found it impeachable. Trump is one of only three among 45 presidents (fewer than 7%) to receive this level of opprobrium from the legislative branch.

So far, none of the impeached presidents has been removed from office by the Senate, and it’s unlikely to happen this time. (Nixon would have been removed had he not resigned before being impeached. It is a sign of how deep the stain of impeachment is that Nixon chose to resign rather than experience it.)

Andrew Johnson, a truly odious president, survived removal by just one vote. Clinton avoided removable easily, because voters were in general agreement that his “crime” – being a randy male who lied under oath to a question he shouldn’t have been asked in the first place – did not warrant it.

Clinton’s impeachment was driven by Republicans’ prurient prudishness (an oxymoron that informs conservatives’ sexual confusion), whose leaders are more conservative about sex than the general public. I, for one, can’t blame someone for wanting to get laid. I’m in no position to do so, as I like to get laid myself. As I remember it, Clinton’s behavior was what women should want it to be. He made a pass at Paula Jones, she rebuffed it and he backed off immediately.

Clinton’s mistake was that when he was asked about it under oath, he lied. He should have flatly refused to answer. He should have said something like, “How dare you ask me that question? What’s the matter with you sickies? I’m a married man, and I’m not going to answer for obvious reasons of maintaining domestic tranquility.” Let Republicans explain to a court why forcing him to do was so essential. The public didn’t want to hear more of this stuff. And, Linda Tripp, kiss my rosy red rectum, you disgusting Judas. Ditto, Ken Starr.

In the immediate, partisan term, the Senate will continue its failure to function properly, and Trump will claim exoneration. But the history books will give a more truthful account of the president’s crimes, and that’s how Trump will be forever recorded.

All that said, I wish the Democrats had pursued subpoenas of important witnesses, including Trump, through the courts earlier and more aggressively. I think it would have made a difference. Often, the Republicans look tough and the Democrats look weak and indecisive. I think most people want strength in a leader.

Football: Looked at objectively, it is better for me that the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in their do or die game. Had the Cowboys won, they would have been in the playoffs, but I’ve seen the other teams headed to the playoffs and any one of them would wipe up the floor with the Cowboys, so their making the playoffs would be symbolic but meaningless.

At least with this loss, the Cowboys will have to fire the head coach. They lost to the Eagles, who are so banged up they could hardly field a team, but the Eagles out played the Cowboys spectacularly. Dallas didn’t even score a touchdown! (I wouldn’t let the Cowboys’ wunderkind offensive coordinator run my taxi squad.)

Jerry Jones says he really wants to win another Superbowl, but he has brought these failures on himself by hanging on to this incompetent coaching staff.

I have stated often, mostly in earnest, that Jones is the best NFL owner, who is only dangerous when he thinks he knows something about football. But this opinion is incomplete. Money is not the only measure of an ownership. To be a great owner, one’s team needs to win some Superbowls. Dallas used to, but not for years. Jones wants to be thought of as a great owner, but today I’m thinking he is a stubborn, doddering old man.

My beloved Oklahoma Sooners will be without at least four players for their playoff game against LSU, one due to a broken collarbone but three due to broken team rules. Way to go, guys!

Contrary to my expectation and predictions, Kyler Murray has had a better and more successful campaign than his fellow OU Heisman Trophy winning first NFL draft choice, Baker Mayfield. So, Season 1 to the Cardinals’ quarterback over Cleveland’s. It will be interesting to see what their respective teams do during the offseason.

If you want to see an example of good execution, I commend to you Washington’s game against Boise State. Most of the Huskies’ plays were very well executed.

Worst States: Every senator from every one of the worst states has already indicated publicly that they will vote against Trump’s removal no matter what the evidence, or even before the trial, so hell with all the worst states this week.

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