Thoughts on Events the Week of December 23

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 31, 2019

Happy Holidays: Congress left town for the holidays and so did I, to be with my three daughters in Santa Fe. So, little happened in politics and what did happen I didn’t pay any attention to.

Football: When my beloved Oklahoma Sooners announced that three of its players would be suspended and another starter lost to injury, I knew our odds would be particularly long to win their playoff game against LSU. Early in the game, my team was clearly intimidated and overmatched. That said, LSU is an extremely fine team having a Cinderella season. My hat it off to them. They wiped up the floor with us, straight up.

After watching the Sooners get demolished, I watched a good playoff game between Clemson and Ohio State, which the Tigers won at the end. All I could think of during this game was that Brent Venables was, and could still have been, our defensive coordinator. But we kept Mike Stoops and Venables went to Clemson, which has had spectacular defenses and won championships ever since. I know why this happened, and I understand it, but the bottom line is: Clemson has Venables and we have the Grinch.

The Dallas Cowboys, in a spectacularly underachieving season, failed to make the playoffs, again.

Scratching for something positive from the season, all I can console myself with is that Jason Garrett will be fired. Or will he? As of this writing, there is no news of this, and I was expecting it immediately after the game.

If the Cowboys don’t fire Garrett, it will be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Cowboys are not serious about the business they claim to be in, and I will be off them forever.

I will find another team to support. It could be the Cardinals, depending on their draft, or Cleveland, depending on who their new head coach is, or the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are an easy choice (I picked them early on to win the Superbowl), but perhaps too easy.

Worst state: I’m reviewing the list of worst states, which could result in dropping one state out of the list and adding another. Candidates are Kentucky, because Moscow Mitch, and North Carolina, whose determination to retain gerrymandering is epic. I’ll let you know in my first blog of the new year.

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