Thoughts on Events the Week of January 27

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on February 5, 2020

See no evil, hear no evil: The Senate voted not to hear witnesses nor read testimony in its trial of President Trump. As I understand it, the purpose of a trial is to get all the facts out on the table and let the jury decide. But this is not a legal trial, it’s a political trial, so the Senate’s decision was a reflection of the politics of the Senate, and the decision, therefore, was predictable.

Trump’s defense team was right about one thing. John Bolton’s book is evidence of nothing. It’s just a book. Bolton was not under oath when he wrote it. Ditto any media appearances he made, of which there were countless. You can be embarrassed by, but not prosecuted for, or on, the basis of them.

That said, Bolton had information relevant to Trump’s trial. I’m no fan of Bolton. He’s the craziest war monger since Curtis Lemay, but he was on the scene when Trump was (allegedly) committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Not to take his testimony was determined ignorance – the worst kind.

But allowing Bolton’s testimony would have begged the logical next step of hearing from all the other people who were in the room during the call, and that could have been damaging to the president. How damaging can be gauged by how strenuously the Senate prevented testimony.

Middle East Plan: The Trump administration rolled out Jared Kushner’s plan, which, during the impeachment trial, went almost unnoticed. It’s just as well, for it was not a serious peace plan. You can’t really have a peace plan if one of the two warring factions are not admitted to the negotiations. The U.S. can no longer be an honest broker regarding Israel anyway.

Brexit: Great Britain officially removed itself from the European Union on January 31. Over here at least, the same can be said about Brexit as the peace plan, by which I mean it went virtually unnoticed. I suspect, however, that the results will become very noticeable to the Brits over time.

Super Bowl: Watching the game in real time, it seemed to be an exciting, well fought one. Reviewing the stats, however, it’s apparent that the San Francisco 49ers had the game won in the fourth quarter with a two-score lead and the ball, and blew it.

There are three important factors that determine which teams get to and/or wins the NFL championship: injuries, great quarterbacks and organization. The Kansas City Chiefs won on two of those factors.

It is obvious after three years in the league that the Chiefs have a truly outstanding quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, who brought them back from a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

Regarding organization, in this case specifically the coaching, the 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan abandoned its strength – the running game – in the fourth quarter and put the game in the hands of a good, but lesser quarterback – Jimmy Garoppolo – and started passing. It cost them the game. Both the coach and the quarterback will learn from this experience.

I wonder what New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick is thinking today. He wanted to keep Garoppolo to replace Tom Brady eventually but was overruled. He may be thinking possibly he was mistaken about Garoppolo, but I’ll bet he’s thinking he would have won the game by sticking to the game plan.

After the game, President Trump sent the traditional congratulations to the Chiefs, and congratulated the state of Kansas, thinking, I assume, that the Chiefs team is located there. The Chiefs are in Kansas City, MO, not Kansas. This would be funny if it weren’t so telling that our president is an ignoramus.

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