Thoughts on Events the Week of February 10

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on February 17, 2020

Stone Cold Injustice: President Trump made another direct assault on our justice system when he tweeted, well, everything he tweeted, about the sentencing of convicted felon Roger Stone. Falling predictably in line, Attorney General William Barr did a backflip through his asshole to step in and take control of the sentencing phase of the case, to reduce Stone’s sentence recommendation.

This intervention by Trump could have been an innocent mistake, since Trump is so unfamiliar with the concept of justice, but it wasn’t No, Trump intervened for two specific reasons.

First, like any spoiled child who is allowed to get his way, when Trump was acquitted in the Senate, he immediately set about seeing how much more he could get away with. This will continue until someone other than Nancy Pelosi gives him a good spanking.

(I do hope Maine will have the good sense to dispense with the services of that worthless doily of a Senator Susan Collins this November, she who, in her convoluted and disingenuous defense of Trump, said she was sure he had learned his lesson as she voted to acquit. Her children must be very spoiled, indeed.)

Second, Trump was softening up his base to accept it when he pardons Stone, whatever the sentence.

Mendacity: When Barr’s interference hit the fan, Barr said Trump’s tweets of approval and appreciation were making it “impossible” for him to do his job and said he wouldn’t be “bullied” by anyone. What bullshit! This was an orchestrated stunt, pure and simple. Barr is trying to make it appear that he is standing up to Trump when in fact he is on his knees for the president, as always.

I’ll take the under on how fast Stone gets off the hook with a pardon. It will be interesting, though, to see the reaction of Judge Amy Berman Jackson to all this. My guess is she will accept the DOJ prosecutor’s original recommendation. If she weren’t such a fair judge, I might expect her to increase the sentence just to spite our pig part of a president. She must be fuming under her robes.

Correction: In my previous blog, I wrote that the next two primaries would be South Carolina and New Hampshire in that order, when it is the other way around, and Nevada (caucus, but a better managed one than Iowa) comes in between the two.

Impeach, Acquit, Repeat: The House errored in not issuing subpoenas to all the witnesses and suspects in its investigations of President Trump right off the bat, so they could begin winding their way through the court system immediately.

They dawdled, but it’s not too late. They could and should do it all now. Trump has committed many more crimes and misdemeanors that he can be impeached for. In fact, he’s committing more as I write.

Trump likes to hold all the records – the first, the most, the biggest, the best. Let’s let him be the first president to impeached twice, or more if that’s what it takes.

More injustice at Justice: Speaking of which, Attorney General William Barr is burrowing deeper into his rabbit hole of self-disgrace by ordering an outside prosecutor to revisit the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Since Flynn has confessed to his crimes and pleaded guilty to them, it’s hard to imagine what there is left to investigate, but Barr will try to think of something. In the meantime, they can take the plaque off the Department of Justice building. The DOJ is no longer, or at least is in hiatus so long as Trump and Barr are in office.

Worst state: I was planning not to award the cup this week, because it seemed early on that nothing, and I mean nothing that the worst states could do could match the malfeasance going on in DC at president.

But I was wrong. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, while technically in DC, but representing his state, has joined the dismantling our justice system, by ordering hearings on the Bidens for their role in nothing.

It’s the same thing former SC representative Trey Gowdy (boy are we lucky to be rid of this pig part) did with his seven investigations of Benghazi and Hillary, which yielded nothing was a waste of time and money and the House’s reputation.

South Carolina take this cup and suck it.

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