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Caught up in the euphoria of Super Tuesday, I am making the leap to contemplate a Democratic government, after the 2020 election. Call it premature enthusiasm ejaculation.

My ruminations begin with the opinion that every one of the Democratic candidates is competent and has a future in the party at some point. However, if I were going to select candidates from among the Senators among that lot, they would have to be from states where they would surely be replaced by another Democrat, such as…

Secretary of Treasury:  Elizabeth Warren. I would love to see her in this post. The day she is appointed all major bank presidents would move to countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the United States. Talk about self-deportation.

Attorney General: Kamala Harris. She was a tough, successful prosecutor and she hates all the same people I hate. She would be Eric Holder with even bigger cajones. It cannot be anyone from the DOJ’s Southern District of New York. They will be too busy prosecuting Trump family members.

Health and Human Services: Bernie Sanders. Put this guy in a position to act on his ideas instead of standing out in the cold alone.

Amy Klobuchar: I love her, but she must remain in the Senate, because there is no iron clad guarantee that she would be replaced by a Democrat. Another term in the Senate for her in Minnesota. She might then be our next presidential candidate.

Secretary of Defense: Paul Krugman. I don’t know when or why the name of this department changed from War to Defense, but it doesn’t matter. All Defense Secretaries think positively instead of cautiously about going to war. Think Robert McNamara, Donald Rumsfeld, et. al. As a Nobel Laureate, Krugman would cut the defense budget in half and start trimming from there.

If we must have a military man, a close friend of mine is high on Retired Admiral William McRaven. He has the right stuff. He was a superb military officer and he was Chancellor of the University of Texas System. Hey, maybe McRaven would make a good…

Secretary of Education: You could replace Betsy DeVos with any number of education experts (or a dime store mannequin for that matter) and have an upgrade. Bernie Sanders would also be a possibility in this post. He has one important credential I like: he is a mortal enemy of charter schools and vouchers, both of which are tools of racial discrimination.

Housing and Urban Development: Beto O’Rourke. Hispanic Texans are made for this job. He can get more experience and increase his popularity with Hispanic voters for a future run higher up the ladder.

Secretary of Commerce: Pete Buttigieg. Pete lacks experience in many areas, but local business is not one of them, and he is an elegant speaker, which is helpful when promoting our economy and businesses around the world. Another place to get experience in preparation for bigger things.:

Ambassadors to countries in Central or South America: The Cisneros twins.

Mike Bloomberg: It’s said that with any fortune, there is a crime, and this may be true, but I am a fan of Bloomberg, if not of all his positions. First, he seems to have made his vast fortune the right way, by having a great idea and executing it with brilliance and passion. Second, he gets things done effectively as do few others. Finally, he keeps his eye on the ball, as evidenced by his getting in and out of the presidential primary race by focusing on beating Donald Trump. I would sit down with him and ask him what he would like to do for his country now, except…

Vice President: I don’t know who I am ready to pick yet, but it must be a female, and younger. A woman of color would be preferred but not existential. (Kamala Harris might be such a candidate. Susan Rice?)

She must be a good one, not a Danielle Quayle or Michelle Pence. Based on political history and life expectancy probabilities, it’s almost certain that the next VP will be the next president someday.

I just don’t know yet, but I do know who I wouldn’t be interested in today: Stacey Abrams, the black Senatorial candidate who narrowly lost her race in Georgia in 2016. She is talented and articulate, but I am suspicious of her. Democrats have a chance to pick up at least one Senatorial seat in Georgia, maybe even two, and Abrams would be an obvious, ideal candidate, but she passed on the calling.

Emerson wrote, “So nigh is grandeur to our dust, so near is God to man, when duty whispers low, “Thou must,” the youth replies, “I can.” He did not write, “the youth replies, No, I’ll pass on it.” Abrams is going to have to show me a whole lot more before I will trust her again.

Sudden thought: Is it possible Abrams held out thinking she might be the VP candidate? If so, that would be impressive long-term strategic thinking.

Stock tip: Apropos of nothing political, I recommend buying stock in any company that makes hand lotions. We are all going to have chapped hands from alcohol-loaded hand sanitizers when the Covid-19 event, whatever it turns out ultimately to be, is finished.

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