Thoughts on Trump’s Covid-19 Speech 3/11/20

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on March 12, 2020

Incompetence vividly on display:  President Trump gave a speech last night to lay out his administration’s plans to address Covid-19. It was a somber speech read from the teleprompter, and Trump stuck to the script.

Here’s the thing. It was filled with stupid, useless ideas. For instance, Trump announced that he is banning entry to all citizens of Europe, except from the UK and Ireland.

(Apparently, Trump doesn’t know that the countries exempted from this ban are not actually European. Britain is not part of Europe and has been trying to get out of the EU – not the same thing as Europe the continent) for years, which it finally succeeded in doing, recently. It’s surprising Trump – or any of his minions – didn’t know these things. Brexit was in all the papers. (Wait, maybe it is not so surprising.)

For this idea to be useful would require that Covid-19 checks the passports of everyone coming from Europe to the U.S. and avoids affecting U.S. citizens, only Europeans. Unlikely.

Worse, the speech was riddled with inaccuracies about Trumps own plan, which the administration had to correct within minutes of the ending of the speech. Jesus Christ, this administration is so incompetent that no one thought to fact check the speech against the plan. Obviously, Trump had little knowledge of or interest in the speech. He probably stopped paying attention to its development when he got to the word “ban,” thinking his base would reflexively approve.

This debacle, involving the most serious crisis since 2008, illuminates with the brightness of the Sun how stupid and clueless is our president, and the quality of staff around which he has surrounded himself. I wouldn’t trust these guys with my burnt match sticks, let alone a serious problem.

The results of this debacle of a speech is that the meltdown of the stock market accelerated, and businesses and individuals kicked Trump to the curb mentally and started taking things into their own hands. Governors are stepping in, the NBA put its season on hold, the NCAA canceled the basketball championship tournament (I’m truly sorry about this one), and individuals started taking their personal responses more seriously.

Churchill said nothing focuses the mind like being shot at without result. Well, this virus is something like that. Plus, coming in a close second in attention getting may be realizing that your leader is a moron and not a high functioning one at that.

In the interest of helping out, here is a modest suggestion: In a well-intended use of technology, many buildings (Margaret, buildings in this case is a Synecdoche, a literary device which uses the container for the thing contained, in this case businesses, or vice versa) installed automatically controlled water spigots to conserve water, and it works, though it’s inconvenient to have to turn the water back on frequently to wash ones hands.

But now, this idea is working against us in containing the virus. I suggest adjusting the spigots to run for exactly 20 seconds, which I think will improve compliance with the 20- second hand washing advice of medical experts to help control Covid-19.

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