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POn this rare occasion, President Trump was right about something, but for absolutely the wrong reason, when he said “Paradise” shouldn’t have won the Best Picture Oscar. He said it because he’s a xenophobic bigot and he knew bashing foreigners would jack off his base. “Paradise” didn’t deserve the Best Picture Oscar because “Parasite” was a very good movie, just not the best. Among other things, it had two fatal cinematic flaws.P

The story is of one working class Asian family who by various means infiltrates members of its family into the household of another, very affluent one. Their plan succeeds by means sometimes clever, sometimes devious. Soon, they are the family’s housekeeper, chauffer, tutor of the daughter and so on.  Though the plan was in some ways despicable, I saw nothing illegal about it.

But at this point of success in the plotters’ plan, a Deus ex Machina event occurs when it turns out that the previous housekeepers’ sick husband has been living in a hidden room in the basement of the home. The plotters let the former housekeeper into the house to tend to her husband and all Hell breaks loose. I can’t think of a more implausible plot line.

Near the end of the movie, totally inexplicable violence occurs, as the head of the affluent family is murdered in broad daylight by the head of the plotter’s family, and in the confusion, the head of the plotters’ family ends up hiding from the police in the secret room that formerly was occupied by the former housekeeper’s husband. The denouement, though there is a little poetry in it, is so improbable that it undermines the entire film.

If you haven’t already seen this movie, do so. It’s a good movie but see the one below first.

The best movie of 2017 was “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” It has an interesting, more plausible plot, with much better actors. Francis McDormand is a national treasure and would have gotten my Best Actress Award, as she did for her starring role in “Fargo. Woody Harrelson is in it, and Sam Rockwell, and a good supporting cast.

This story is about a mother who is so despondent over the rape and murder of her daughter and that no progress has been made on finding the killer that she rents out three billboards that goad the sheriff into trying harder. Pathos and redemption ensue.

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